What do YOU do When the Moon and Stars Collide Instead of Align?

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Have you noticed that the energy of the past few weeks has felt heavy, fraught with miscommunications and technical glitches? One of my Platinum members, gifted Astrologer Lisa Zimmerman (who’s ramping up her business big time with JV’s, teleseminars, VIP days and more — I am so proud of her!) described it as a time of “cosmic chaos and conflict.” Lisa, I hear ya on that!

I’m glad to say that within just the past 48 hours, this feels like it has shifted. In fact, this may be really sappy to hear but I’ve been on a bliss cloud the past couple of days.

Whether you believe in astrology, numerology, tarot or any of the esoteric arts, there is something to be said when things just don’t seem to be going right for many people, all at the same time, which begs the question: what do YOU do when the moon and stars collide instead of align?

What I do is breathe, remember that this too, shall pass, and remind myself that I have a choice in whether I react or respond. I find it helpful to go slower, think things through more carefully and share with people I trust that “things feel a little weird right now.” Somehow, talking about it lessens the power odd energetic times can have over us.

Lastly, I practice gratitude even more thankfully. It’s easy to think that technical or communication issues are the end of our little corner of the world when in reality, they are a small, even at times a good problem to have. And yes, I’m still feeling blissed out…how about you…care to join me?

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