Nancy’s Quest to Eradicate The Crap Around Us

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It’s election day tomorrow and it’s going down in history as the year of the dirtiest attack ads ever.

My analysis: It seems like everybody’s pissed off. Money’s tight, business is down for some, teacher furlough days make working parents scramble for childcare, the planet is heating up, and made in the USA is a rare find. Who do you blame? The incumbent? The guy who mows the lawn on Tuesdays? Washington? Wall Street? Main Street? Soccer moms?

What a toxic and terrible dance.

In Fullerton, CA, the campaign ads against a candidate show a stick person barfing. Seriously, projectile dots representing barf spray across the poster. Apparently the candidate was connected to a food poisoning outbreak. But is a barfing person necessary to tell me not to vote for him?

Another reads “Job Killer”. And my favorite “Irvine Carpetbagger”. (Lock up your children, they might start getting 4.5 GPAs and apply for Ivy League schools!)

The temptation to take the low, low, low road is so fierce right now. Resist it.

The Heart Based Business Response:

As soul-driven entrepreneurs we know a thing or two about walking through the muck without having to drag everyone else in with us. Most of us got into this business because we’re committed to personal development and spiritual growth. We may not like everyone we meet, but we don’t put posters around town with barfing people on them. We just don’t.

With all this negative, negative, negative stirring around it’s really important we take this opportunity to spread some positivity around and boost morale.

Will you join me in taking the high road? Let’s try this together, and let me know how you fare. I’m calling this “Nancy’s Quest to Eradicate All The Nasty Crap Around Us”.

I’m putting my money on getting your own head and heart into a good place. Start with you, then the happiness spreads. And maybe even the  political campaigns can engage in an intelligent discourse.

1. Focus on gratitude. Every day, many times a day.

2. Quit trash talking about yourself. Your body is awesome, that roll of paunch is just more to love. Whatever you just said to that group of people didn’t make you sound stupid and your mother really loves you.

3. You have enough. Your iPhone works great, your car gets you around just fine, no need to embrace upgrade anxiety.

4. Find something loveable about something/someone that repulses you. Bad crafts, jerky people, your ex. I know, that’s a hard one but it’s a good muscle to develop.

5. When someone looks like they’re making more money than you are or you feel like you’re not in the cool kids group, don’t worry. A lot of them are living million dollar paycheck to million dollar paycheck.

Your turn. What’s your remedy for all this negative crap? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know how you can help heal this.

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