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This morning presented a fascinating choice point for me: do I stay in the flow of abundance, focusing on my highest and greatest good? Or do I let myself get caught up into a situation heaped with what I call “emotional trash?”

Here’s what happened: first, I found out I am a finalist in THREE categories for a highly prestigious, internationally recognized entrepreneurial award. (I’m not allowed to share details yet.) I am super excited about this! Whether I win or not, being named as a finalist puts me into an elite category of entrepreneurs being recognized for being the “best” and for helping women succeed in business. Awesome.

The “emotional trash” part showed up a few minutes later, when, in a completely unconnected situation, I found out I was being criticized and judged about a couple of decisions I’ve recently made. At first I felt really hurt. In the moment I had a choice: allow this criticism to hook me, put it into perspective, or, even better, bless who it came from truly from the largess of my heart and let go of any need to be seen fairly, understood or judged more positively.

For a few minutes I could feel myself opting into each of these choices. It was if the old me was trying to hook onto the hurt but my highest and greatest self was stronger. That part of me intuitively understood that if I could rise above and come authentically and fully powerfully from my highest self then I’m creating an opening, a portal for others to do the same.

I bet you can guess which choice I made. One thing is for sure, it ALWAYS feels good to do the right thing. Letting go of that hurt, blessing the person, sending them deep, love and compassion connects me to my joy and profound connection to Spirit. If you take a moment right now you too, can feel this same love, joy and connection. This is the place from which to make all of your decisions in life, and in business.

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One comment on “Place From Which to Make Life and Business Decisions
  1. Zahra Efan says:

    Such inspiring article. Thanks for sharing!

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