Are You Pushing Money Away? How To Stop

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Are you pushing away money? The very thing you say you want?

More than likely there’s low-hanging fruit right in front of you (more on that in a moment). But if you don’t take the steps to reach up and pluck that fruit, to take the inspired actions, it hangs there.

If you don’t pick that fruit, then essentially, you’re pushing away money. You’re sending out a message that you don’t want it, need it, or really desire it.

This might sound crazy to you! Why would I push away money you say?

Our Inner Critic is sneaky. You see, we have this way of sabotaging ourselves and keeping ourselves from the very thing we want, the thing that would bring us relief from pressure or worry. We are so used to being in pressure, anxiety and worry that we can’t actually imagine being without it. So we sabotage by pushing away opportunities. We judge them as not enough or too easy. Or the big one… that we’re just not worthy enough or don’t deserve it.

You have to be willing to claim that you want to make money. You have to make it good, right and ok for you to make money. You then have to follow through and take inspired action.

  • This is where you tap into your Inner Business Goddess and find your KNOWING place, that place Where you KNOW the next action, you know what to do. Step in and claim your brilliance and reach that hand up to the fruit.

So, what is the low-hanging fruit in front of you?

It’s the actions that are right there in front of you.

  • Calling the client who’s waiting you to follow-up.
  • Emailing what you promised to email.
  • Calling that colleague who mentioned she wanted to collaborate with you.
  • Sending out the group coaching invitation.
  • Paying the bill. Sending the bill.
  • Cashing the check.
  • Using the gift card. (Have you done this – you receive a gift card but you keep saving it? You are stopping the flow of money in its tracks!)

Something as simple as cashing a check (no matter how small) or using the gift card gets money circulating, gets you excited, and gets you thinking about possibilities.

You get into the flow of money, and start moving your money energy! Getting into this flow leads you from stand-still or a stuck place or waiting for something big and significant to happen. (“If it’s not big, it doesn’t count,” you might think.)

It ALL counts. (Even the gift cards.)

Let yourself open up the flow to receive and circulate. This will begin the shift of your money flow.

When you change your thoughts, you change the possibilities, and when you change the possibilities, you change the results.

Take the inspired actions and allow the money to come in.

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