Getting Ready for the New Year – Part 1

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It’s hard to believe, the new year is right around the corner. And soon enough, you’ll be wanting to set new resolutions for your business to achieve even more success.

Yet, setting those goals can often feel overwhelming. After all, it can be tough to choose a few goals that will really be the ‘winners’.

But in order to obtain that success you desire, you need to get motivated. Over the next few blogs, I’ll be sharing some tips to get and stay motivated for 2013.

To move forward, you must look back.

I know some people say the past is in the past so the best way to move forward is to start fresh.

Absolutely not! What’s happened this year can help you for the future, even if you didn’t meet your 2012 goals.

First, take a look at what you DID accomplish. Spend some time reflecting on what you did achieve, even if you think the achievement was small. For example, I know one client of mine started a membership program after being a few years in business. Even though it’s a fledgling group, she’s learned so much along the way. She has created videos, written sales copy, and learned to organize her thoughts differently. Every one of these tasks will help her in the new year.

This will not only help you realize how much you’re capable of, it can also help frame your goals for the upcoming year.

Now, take a look at the mistakes you have made and the goals you had that weren’t so successful.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill:  “All men make mistakes; wise man learn from them.”

Some mistakes are based on unrealistic expectations. For example, one of my biggest mistakes that I have made repeatedly over the years is to expect that the clients I serve need more: more checklists, more how-tos, etc. And guess what? That only caused more overwhelm – the exact thing I was trying to help them avoid.

So I have learned, to slow the process down, to help my clients step-by-step solve one particular problem before moving on to fixing another.

Other mistakes can include little things, such as shopping carts not connecting properly. Whatever these mistakes are, learn from them so you don’t repeat them in the upcoming year.

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