How I Rekindled My Creativity After A 6 Month Dry Spell

By , Founder of The Land of Brand: Branding Strategist and Website Designer

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Holly Chantal - Founder of The Land of Brand: Branding Strategist and Website Designer


That’s what I live for. Following new ideas, adding to them, shaping them into something great. Finding the unnoticed intricacies of something intangible and often confusing and bringing them to the forefront into something beautiful, easy to understand, and deeply desired.

Sharing. Writing. Teaching.

That’s where I find my flow, and why I’m so good at what I do. My clients are my fuel, wrapping a brand around their mission becomes my obsession. When I’m in flow, it’s like there is an endless wellspring of ideas and I am just the vehicle for bringing them into the world.

So it might surprise you to learn that last year I hit a pretty bad rough patch, and my creative well dried up. I had no problem working on my client’s projects (where my creative juju came from THEM), but as for my own stuff – I was stuck.

My ideas for blog posts went kathwump. The LOBoratory webinars became more of a creative hassle than the fun they usually are. I’d sit at my computer and stare at a blank page… or turn my attention to clients’ projects because at least then I’d feel like I was doing something productive.

It SUCKS when this happens. And it happens to the even best of us at one point or another.

So how do you get the creative juices going again? How do you get re inspired by your work and find that limitless well of ideas you crave?

For each person the answer will be different. For some it’s taking a course or attending an event and finding a new way of thinking. Or reading a book to feed your brain with new ideas to noodle on and create from. Others need to take a break to rest and rejuvenate.

For me, it was something REALLY simple, and I want to share just in case you relate to this and it works for you too.

I began carrying a very tiny notebook in my back pocket with a very tiny pen.

Any time I had a spark of an idea I wrote it down IMMEDIATELY. As I began doing this, I had more and more sparks. After a while, the ideas began to flow. In under two weeks, I just about filled the notebook.

So what were the sparks?

Simple things. An analogy that would relate really well to a topic I want to write about. A story I remembered that I think would be fun to share. A fun new way to present an idea (like Yorb – if you weren’t on my Brand Momentum webinar, don’t worry you’ll meet him soon). A good name for a program that I haven’t even thought of creating yet. Just enough of an idea that I can take and run with whenever I want to.

What I found was that, my creativity hadn’t actually dried up. I had been unknowingly stifling it.

With the introduction of a new baby in my house last April, all of my attention was focused on family (not a bad thing, and I’m really fortunate to be able to do that). So when I had new ideas, I’d put them on the back burner for later – and promptly forget them.

As a result my creativity began to dim it’s light, to become less distracting, to not induce the guilt that comes from being pulled in different directions by your passions (business and babies for me).

It doesn’t take a baby though for you to stifle your own creativity, there could be stress in your life, pressure of “getting things right”, or a myriad of other creativity snuffers that could be plaguing you.

So if you’re in a place right now where you are lacking inspiration, feeling frustrated that the ideas aren’t flowing, feeling disenchanted by your business even – it’s time to step back and open yourself up to new ways of tapping into your wellspring.

You most certainly aren’t alone. And maybe this idea can help rekindle your creativity too.

What do you do when you’re feeling stuck? Leave your answers in the comments.

Holly Chantal is the founder of The Land of Brand™, a truly comprehensive and unique website design and branding company. And she is the creator of the revolutionary Branding Game™, which is a whole new way of looking at and experiencing brand creation.  Visit The Land of Brand™ and discover the 4 steps to creating your 6 figure brand in our free video ecourse!

© Copyright 2017 Holly Chantal
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