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I bet you’re familiar with the phrase, “Sh*& happens.” The thing is, when… er…stuff happens, many women entrepreneurs feel they’ve been taken off course. They allow their plans, their dreams and their actions to take a back seat as they deal with the event that caused the disruption.

When stuff happens you have a choice: Do you match the level of intensity with your own high drama reaction? If so, then you’re allowing external events to hijack your life, your business and your emotions. The event consumes your attention, demanding you talk about it, repeat the story of it to as many people as you can find who will listen, think about it to the point of obsession and use it as a reason for not getting anything else accomplished.

The other choice you have is to master your emotions. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel; what it DOES mean is that you notice what you are feeling, and instead of paying attention to the specific “thing” that happened, you dig into your emotional reaction, searching for how this may be a pattern in your life.

For example: let’s say one of your high end clients is having financial issues. Your emotional reaction is to feel responsible for their success, blaming yourself they’re not “doing better” and even feeling guilty that you accepted money from them weeks or months ago.

Do you see the Big Time Emotional Drama unfolding?

Instead, you could notice those emotions beginning to take you over and ask, “Where else do I tend to take responsibility for others?” In an instant, you’ll have transformed a Big Time Emotional Drama into an opportunity for self discovery, and ultimately, into an opportunity for freedom from sabotaging behavior. Pretty cool for you AND for the people you’re meant to serve.

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