So What’s My Secret To Staying Happy AND Sane In The Midst Of So Much Going On?

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While there ARE moments when the enormity of all that’s going on feels a bit overwhelming, the truth is, everything is flowing into place as if by magic.

The secret is to have people around you who love you. Right now feels like an old fashioned barn raising to me. Every one of my family is pitching in to help out, my team is pulling their weight, my husband Richard is working his butt off and I’m dishing out gratitude like candy canes at Christmas.

Everything comes from the Divine, from Source Energy. So throughout each day I am requesting Source deliver me the resources I need. Then I feel utter faith and grace that I’m being taken care of in the most beautiful, easiest way imaginable.

Listen, we all get bogged down at times, when everything seems to be too much. But how you feel right now predicts your future. So I’m steeping myself in peaceful feelings as much as possible throughout my day, so that I create more peace in my little corner of the world. Why not give this strategy a try for yourself?

I hope this quick tip breathes a feeling of grace and ease into your day.

Watch for my regular feature article this coming Monday! I’ll share how-to info on marketing to attract — and keep! — ideal, high paying clients into your business.

Love and brilliance,


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