Stuck – This Can Happen to Me Too

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Last week in a Success Circle coaching club call I shared the vision secrets I used to break through to 7-figures last year.

On that call I taught my club members what I do if my vision seems to be stalled out. One member laughed and when I asked her why she said, “It’s nice to know that even YOU get stuck too!” I broke out in laughter right along with her.

Because the truth is, I’m no different than you are. I too, feel emotions that can momentarily take me off my path.

But the difference is, I’ve learned HOW to get back ON my path…fast. No sitting in doubt, fear or inaction for this gal. I’m too passionate and too tapped into my Soul’s Divine Purpose™ to believe that those emotions are the truth.

I teach my club members that doubt or fear are a cover up for something else, and that something else is typically a concern about what others will think when you step fully into your power, easily and gracefully. Once you understand this you can let go of those emotions instantly, leaving you free to feel powerfully connected to your vision and to fulfilling your Soul’s Divine Purpose™ via a thriving, financially and spiritually successful business. If I can do it, then I know you can too!

Wishing you a rich and beautiful week…

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