The Big “A-Ha”

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The big “a-ha” I want to share with you this week is the power clarify has to help us manifest like lightening.

Not just the clarity of knowing what we want, but the clarity of knowing that what we want is within our reach. We may not know precisely how to achieve it but we can see it, taste it, feel as if we can touch it, smell it and connect to it in our heart and soul as if it’s already happened.

Every time I have THAT type of clarity I feel unstoppable, on purpose and passionately committed to taking action.

On my recent trip to Las Vegas to attend a workshop, my good friend and online marketing expert, Helen Graves asked, “Kendall, what is it you believe that makes this possible?”

Without even needing to think about it, I popped out with, “Because I believe there’s ALWAYS a way!”

There’s ALWAYS a way for us to move forward towards creating a life that is so delicious it feels like a dream come true.

The way may not be in a straight line, it may not be as fast as you expect or even end up at the same result you anticipated. But there is always a way. All you need to do is be clear that you WILL get what you want.

So, what is it you truly want? What are you passionate about creating with your business this year that is so simple you can say it in a single sentence? HOw clear are you willing to be so that the Divine can respond with speed and honor your request?

And even if you are, in this moment, NOT clear, would you be willing to powerfully state your intention — feeling it with every fiber of your being — to GET clear? You’ll be surprised when you do, just how quickly the Divine gives you that clarity. Be ready to receive, okay?

Wishing you a rich and beautiful week…

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