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Here is an exercise that will help you visualize yourself in the most positive way. Find a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Inhale deeply and slowly, let the air begin to fill up your lungs and feel your chest expanding as a result. Hold the breath for about three seconds and then release slowly, breathing out through your mouth. Repeat this process several more times and then let your breath become slow, fluid and natural.

Now imagine that you are sitting in a large open field where the wild flowers have managed to colonize the grassy expanse all around you and for as far as the eye can see. As you look around, all you can see are the vibrant colors of summer flowers and in the distance, the dense green foliage of woodland trees that frame the field’s edges.

In front of you is a large wooden easel, which is supporting a large blank canvas, and positioned in front of the easel, there is a small chair, which is surrounded by a vast array of oil paints, palettes and other assorted painting equipment. Sit at this chair in your mind and completely try to clear your mind.

Do this by not allowing any thoughts to access your mind and focus instead on the sultry sounds of summer. Listen for the sound of melodic bird songs, for the consistent sound of insects on wing and also for the gentle sound of the faint breeze as it rustles periodically through the long grasses.

Regardless of your real painting ability is, here you are an expert artist in the medium of oils. You are going to paint a picture of yourself as you feel intuitively that you would look, should you not have had to endure any negative emotions or experiences in your life.

Contemplate for a moment how you feel you would look. Then pick up the palette and begin to mix your paints, choosing the colors, which you feel corresponds to the most to you. Begin to pain without hesitation or fear. It is a large blank canvas, which you will fill quickly with your chosen colors and the image of you. Allow your arms to move freely across the canvas, feel the sensation of the paintbrush as it blazes a trail across the canvas itself.

You have the ability to visualize the person that would be you clearly in your minds eye. You are able to recreate the same hair, same eyes, features of course are exactly the same, and yet there is a difference, but in a subtle way.

As the painting begins to come to life, observe the differences between yourself and that of the painting. This image is of you without all of the pressures of life. See how you would look when you are happy, contented and with no pressure holding you back.

Paint yourself smiling and without any stress or worry lines. Imagine your forehead smooth, your skin glowing, and your smile is open and natural.

See how you look without all of those limitations, which freeze you in place in your life. See how you look without all of the pessimism of the world affecting your inner self.

Continue to paint this picture of the ‘peaceful you’, using large swirls of paint across the canvas, feeling your creativity flowing from you as your picture comes to life.

When you have finished, stand back from the painting. Make sure you can view your masterpiece and see what the real you would look like if you could obtain true happiness and fulfillment. This picture represents you if you could be successful in your chosen field and if you could strive for your goals in life without fear of failure or rejection from holding you back. Take a few moments to contemplate your painting and understand what this means.

So now you know how you would look and feel if you were able to switch off from the past completely and hopefully you can realize that we do, if we are not careful, carry the whole weight of the world and all the consequences of our own actions in our minds and bodies, and this can have a hugely detrimental effect on us.

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One comment on “The Painting
  1. Steve says:

    I would agree with this, with the exception that I would like to imagine myself having come through hard times with character and with integrity. I would rather picture myself having accomplished my goals in the midst of the ebb and flow of the daily challenges of life. Nevertheless, this is a great method of visualizing success.

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