The Miracle of Giving

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I want to share an inspiring story from my friend, Sam. He has some friends – Sofia and her daughter Erica. Sofia works hard as a librarian and her husband is a truck driver. Erica just graduated from high school and wanted to go to college. She could not afford a college far away so she decided that she would start at a local junior college. Erica is a smart girl and did very well in high school, so it was not a matter of her grades holding her back, it was finances.

She signed up for some classes and was excited to go. The problem was that she could not find a way there. Her father was on the road and her mother needed the only car they had to get to work. The family was strapped and just could not afford another car. Erica was willing to work a job to pay for gas and insurance but just did not have the initial money to invest in even a small used car. All of the available funds she had went to paying for her school supplies and books.

Sam heard about her plight. He just happened to have a car in his driveway. The timing belt had gone on it, and it had been just an extra car for his father to drive. No one really needed the car and so fixing it was not a real priority. It just sat for months and Sam just had not gotten around to fixing or selling it.

Sam knew in his heart what he needed to do, so he called Sofia and Erica. He explained that he had the car, but it needed a little work to make it road worthy. They were cautious and asked Sam how much he wanted for the car and Sam said it was a gift. They were elated and came to tow the car home.

The story could have ended here. Sam felt great about giving the car away. He could have sold it, but the feeling he got by giving a gift was so much more. Well, this is where the story doesn’t end…it is where the miracle happened.

Erica had her car, which she cleaned inside and out and was excited by the prospect of being able to drive herself to school. It was summer and there were a few weeks until classes began. Her father, in his goodhearted way, promised he would work on the car, buy the parts and get her on the road. The other obstacle was that she needed to learn how to drive a stick shift.

The reality was that her father was just too busy, the parts were a little expensive and time was running out. Other friends of the family heard what had occurred. A friend had given a gift to a young girl to help her on her way but she still needed assistance. Those that heard the story were touched. The response was overwhelming.

One friend bought the parts; another did the labor for free. Another friend did an oil change and a tune up for no charge while a couple of other friends and family members taught her how to drive it.

Erica is now going to school. She is proud of her car and can not believe how just one gift encouraged others to give as well. She is working hard and recently saved her money to buy a vanity plate. It may sound like an unnecessary expense after all that was given to her, but she wanted to show the world how much that car meant. The plate reads “Karma Car”.

If this story resonates with you, what is stopping you from giving a gift from your heart to someone today?

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