The more you show up, the more money you make

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The theme of last weekend’s SOLD OUT Brand Authenticity workshop was “The more you show up, the more you make!”

Which meant of course, that I had to be a model for what I was talking about. It wasn’t hard but at moments, it did feel a bit risky.

Especially when I told a story that had me in tears even before I started, and didn’t leave a dry eye in the house by the time I had finished. (I’m planning articles about the power of story telling in your teleseminars and workshops so stay tuned to future issues of this newsletter!)

The point is, when you go beyond delivering good quality information, and let your heart, your passion, your personal fire for what you do come out, you create emotion. And emotion is what gets people out of their seats.

Take a look around you at the people you admire who are really successful. They aren’t just spewing forward facts. They’re stirring up strong emotions. They’re letting those emotions run through them as well, so that the presence they stand in before their audience or clients is powerful, authentic and charismatic.

I’m curious…how much emotion would feel like a risk for you to show this week? How fully can you allow yourself to be steeped in the feeling of what you want your audience or clients to feel, so that they are swept up into it with you and carried forward?

This is putting the “soul” into “marketing, mo-ney and soul

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