Trusting the “Voice”

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One difficulty that I have found people have is that they are not sure how to proceed toward a goal. They have followed the steps of the Law of Attraction. They set a goal, they are sending positive energy toward it, and they believe that they will achieve their goal through the power of attraction. Once they have done this, they are not sure how to proceed.

In these days of technology, a wonderful gadget has hit the market and is growing in popularity, a Global Positioning Satellite System, or GPS. This unit comes in many forms but its function is basically the same. It first determines where you are. This is done through satellites orbiting the earth. Then you can program where you want to go. The unit then uses the information of where you are and can point you toward where you want to go and even tell you the quickest way to get there.

Many of these units can be placed on the dashboard of your car. You program the address of a new restaurant you want to try, but you are not sure how to get there. You could fumble with large maps and figure out your course. This can be cumbersome and not safe to use while you are driving. If you have a GPS unit, you can program the address in and it will tell you how to get there. Looking at the small screen on the unit while you are driving can be just as dangerous as fumbling with a large paper map. The units now have a voice. This voice will tell you where to turn and how long it will take you to get to your destination.

You too have a navigating system that has a voice. It is your inner voice or intuition if you like. Your subconscious mind knows where you are in life. When you are practicing the deliberate steps to achieving your life dreams through the Law of Attraction, it is the same as programming your destination in a GPS unit. As you are making your way through the day, the voice is telling you when to turn and when to go straight.

Many people either ignore or do not trust this inner voice. This voice is like a compass. The attraction of your goal is drawing you toward your destination. It will not steer you wrong. It is trying to help you. It knows when there is “road construction” ahead and will tell you how to get around obstacles in the road. You have programmed your inner system, now you must trust that you are being directed by that inner voice to get you to your intended goal as quickly as possible.

You have all of the tools within you to get you toward where you are going. Part of the belief component in the intentional process of the Law of Attraction is belief in your self. You have an inner guidance system to get you where you need to go. You just have to listen carefully and your inner voice will guide you. Trust and believe in yourself.

Okay! Guess I’ll be off to achieve my dreams! My system is all programmed and ready to go. Now can someone tell me where I left my car keys?

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