Taking Visualization to a Whole New Level

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Marnie L Pehrson - Bestselling Author, Business & Marketing Consultant

In recent years, an increasing number of people have tapped into the power of visualization. What used to be considered “day dreaming” is now a viable method for accelerating toward your goals and aspirations. If you can’t see yourself doing it, frankly, you won’t do it. So, we have vision boards, and we spend time using our imagination to see and feel what it’s going to be like when we achieve our dreams.

There is another power to visualization which I’ve found far surpasses this. It taps into a power far beyond our own. I first learned about it a few years ago when I met Judy Hansen. Judy is an energy intuitive who uses guided meditations and what she calls “enscripts” to read people’s energy. Each of her enscripts is as unique as the individual. In fact, they’re even more unique because I’ve received several of these enscripts and no two are the same. I’ve found them to be a wonderful symbolic depiction of who I am, where I’m heading next, and what heavenly resources are available to me.

The first enscript Judy led me on was a guided meditation to the Savior. It was so real that I felt as if I had actually visited with Him, felt His love for me, and given Him all my cares. It was so moving, there were tears streaming down my face. This particular meditation and a few that followed taught me that I could take these visual journeys myself. I could visit with the Savior in my heart, mind and spirit. I could converse with Him like one person converses with another. Since that time, I’ve visited with Him many times.

Sometimes we have long, insightful conversations where I come away with the direction I need to take next. Sometimes the insights are so powerful, I know I never could have discovered them on my own. Other times, when I’m very troubled, all I can manage to do is go sit with Him and put my head on His chest. After some time there, everything feels better. It’s such an incredible peace simply sitting with Him.

Other times He takes me to different parts of the world or even to remote regions of the universe. We’ve walked on the beaches of Monterey, California, stood by tall Irish cliffs, visited the desert, gone to Hawaii and flown to the cradle of creation — a vast nebula at the center of the universe. Wherever He takes me, His creations illustrate His awesome power, majesty and love. There is NOTHING that is too hard for Him. Nothing that is too overwhelming. Not only have I found solace and forgiveness in handing Him my pride, my disappointments and my mistakes; but also I’ve felt incredible joy in giving him my hopes, dreams and aspirations.

I don’t claim to be a prophetess or to have literally seen my Savior face-to-face, but He does feel incredibly real to me. Whether you want to call it simply my wishful imagination, or a prayer, or a meditation, or my spirit communing with His, it yields wonderful benefits. I feel more joy, peace, clarity, inspiration and love. He can drive away my darkest doubts, my greatest fears, and severest worries. I don’t know of any form of visualization that can top that!

How does it work?

I’ll share with you a couple tips that might help you train yourself to find this place where you can commune with Him. This is just my method. So feel free to adapt it until you find what works for you.

1) Use a soundtrack. I have a specific playlist of music on my MP3 player that I use to help me relax and find a calmer, more reflective state. I use a lot of Brian Crain piano music (he’s on itunes).  Listen, breath deep and relax.

2) Start with a prayer and a very specific request. The more specific I can be, the better. I may be looking for specific help in my business. I might be feeling overwhelmed and need clarity and peace. I might be concerned about one of my children. (Hint: you can take other people to Jesus in your mind! I’ve seen miracles happen with this.)

3) Have a routine for entering into the Lord’s presence.  After the prayer closes, I have a specific way I approach the Lord and enter into His presence. It’s just a “routine” that is personal to me. Find your own way of finding him in your mind. It could be something like traveling across a bridge, passing through a curtain, or walking through a door.

4)  Once you’ve entered into His presence, ask Him your question, or tell Him what you want to feel or know. Be still and listen to Him. He may ask you questions. Many times my sessions with the Savior are a lot like a “coaching visit” where He pulls the answers out of me.

5) Devote the time. I’ve spent an hour or two in this place. When I absolutely must go about my day, but the encounter has been so wonderful that I don’t want to leave, I’ll ask Him to come along with me throughout my day. I continue to walk and talk with Him in my mind as if He is right there beside me as I clean the house or work.

6) Don’t get frustrated if sometimes you don’t communicate as clearly. There are lots of times that the best I can do is find Him, put my head on His shoulder and let Him hug me. Be there with Him and accept what comes.

So there you have my secret to visualizing. Spend a little time in the morning traveling to solar systems, nebulae, and the Milky Way with the Savior, and when you come back to your life, the goals you thought looked so insurmountable and overwhelming will seem peacefully do-able.

Marnie Pehrson helps people leverage their wisdom and stories to create visibility, education, influence and sales in the marketplace. Whether she’s helping you distill your wisdom into books and information products or create visibility for your company, Marnie focuses on creating connection and loyalty. Her services include content creation, social media and Facebook ad management, WordPress site design, consulting and training. Visit her online at http://www.MarnieMarcus.com

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