What’s Your Motivation for Marketing Your Coaching Business?

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Sometimes I get a question from people, “How do you stay motivated to market?” That question, I have to be honest, always worries me.

Close your eyes for a second. This is a silly, fun exercise. Go back to middle school or high school to that crush. That crush on whoever it was – a teacher, a girl or boy, whoever it was you had that crush on – that you were stalking to see when they would be at their locker. You felt like you were going to lose your breath because you were so enamored with them.

Take that moment for just a second and let me ask you this. Did you ever have to have anyone remind you to see where they were or to check on that Wednesday and see what they doing, or to write a love note if you were dating them?

Did anybody have to wake up and say, “Susie, make sure you write Bob a love note?” That doesn’t happen, right? It’s such a part of you it’s in your being. You know to go check where that person is or to write them a note or find where they are and sit with them at lunch.

That’s really how the marketing of your business should be. You need to make sure you have a target market and a business structure that you are so in love with that no one needs to remind you to market.

When you decided what group of people needed you most, that you were qualified and excited to serve, you started along a path that can have lots of unexpected happy surprises, leading you into opportunities that you never knew existed. As one thing leads to another, just stay alert to people who can be connectors for you, opening new doors for speaking, writing, media, and projects.

At the same time, like any journey, you need to be monitoring your progress and correcting course from time to time. Most commercial flights are off course a high percentage of the time, and yet they arrive at the right destination. How is that? Because the pilots are making small course corrections to get back on track.

Measure everything you can in your business so you know what’s working well and worth the investment in time/money/energy, and what’s not. With the goal of constant improvement, your small tweaks along the way will really result in significant progress over time.

I put both feet on the floor in the morning and like I said I go, “What can I do today? Who can I teach something about marketing? How can I market something? What’s something I could sell?” I just love it.

People talk about workaholics and I have to be careful that I take time out for myself. Not because I’m obsessed with working and I have to do the job, but because I love it so much. It’s energy for me. I love to see the difference that my coaching has made in someone’s life, business, relationships, and finances.

That’s how authentic marketing should feel for you. The motivation comes from within because you know the value of what you’re doing, and you’re enjoying learning how to serve more people, making more connections, and growing your wealth as you implement the marketing that works best for you.

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