What’s Your Mustard Seed?

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Somewhere, deep inside you resides a tiny grain of belief that keeps you going each day, even when things don’t work out quite the way you planned. What does that little grain of faith feel like for you?

Have you heard the ancient story of the mustard seed? It’s an ancient metaphor that carries a beautiful message for you as your build your coaching business.

The mustard seed is tiny, one of the smallest in the world. Yet once planted, it grows very quickly into a large tree with deep roots, strong enough to support birds, thereby providing life for other life.

It’s easy to see the parallels here to your business! Your belief in yourself and your work — that small seed — when planted with faith, can grow quickly into a thriving business that serves you and others in many spiritually and financially rewarding ways.

What is YOUR mustard seed? What is ONE SMALL thing you can absolutely believe about yourself? Maybe it’s that you are passionately enthusiastic about what you do. Or you know unquestionably that you have something to offer that can make a difference in people’s lives. Maybe you sense an overwhelming clarity of purpose and a drive to fulfill it. Or perhaps it’s a skill that you feel completely competent and qualified to use.

Uncover at least one belief about yourself, no matter how tiny, that you can hold without question and you have YOUR mustard seed of faith. Even when all the odds seem fully stacked against you – your faith in your mustard seed will prove greater than anything else that life hands you.

Here’s a simple self-guided meditation that you can use anytime you feel disconnected from your inner grain of faith:

  • Close your eyes and breath deeply for a few minutes until you feel calm and steady. Keep your feet planted on the ground and your spine straight.
  • Contemplate your mustard seed. What is it that you believe unconditionally about yourself?
  • Allow this seed of belief to reveal itself to you in appearance, sound, taste, smell, and/or emotion. What are you sensing?
  • Where is your sense of this faith? Is it within you? Outside of you? Focus fully on it wherever it is, and then visualize it coming into your heart.
  • Let your seed of faith rest gently in the center of your heart. Now imagine yourself nurturing this part of yourself. Watch it grow and expand, beyond you and out into the world. See the good that can be done when you allow your seed of faith to turn into a beautiful tree, capable of supporting other life. Feel the roots of your faith growing out from your feet into the Earth and helping you become strong and stable.
  • As often as possible, return to this place in your heart so you can nurture your seed of faith!

You can use this imagery to support and encourage you every time you’re feeling stuck or struggling to take action. It’s a powerful metaphor that can turn the concept of faith into a tangible vision for growth and transformation. Plant your mustard seed of faith today!

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