Who Are You Serving?

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“We are here to serve people as they make the choice to invest in themselves…through us!”

I love this quote. I read it a recent issue of The Invisible Close newsletter by Lisa Sasevich. I consider her the goddess of authentic sales for solo entrepreneurs and especially women entrepreneurs.  We heart-centered entrepreneurs are great at our work and often have trouble closing the deal!

She really understands the relationship that happens during a sales experience (yes, it is sales) and knows that it’s about helping people make decisions to work with you or purchase your products (or not as the clear decision may be).

I love how she asks us to claim who we serve and that they are really investing in themselves when they purchase our services, products or programs.  We are the conduit through which the transformation (or better life or better business) happens.

It’s a fascinating way to look at it!


PS:  Lisa offers a wonderful printed ebook called The Invisible Close.  I absolutely LOVE it and endorse it.  If you close one extra client as a result of her authentic information you’ll pay for product!.  Note any affiliate commissions I receive go into a special “Pomegranate Seed Fund” account I have set aside which will be donated to organizations who help women entrepreneurs start businesses and learn leadership skills such as Kiva or Women For Women International.

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