Solo Secrets Weekly Newsletter 8/3/17

By , The Solo-CEO: Content Marketing Strategist

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Terri Zwierzynski - The Solo-CEO: Content Marketing Strategist


  • Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur?
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  • Stuck? Three Tips to Bust Through

How to Handle the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Dilemma by Christine Gallagher

You want a super-successful business… But you have many different passions… and you’re unclear on which direction to go. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re SO not alone. It’s an extremely common characteristic among entrepreneurs, and it often causes a lot of strife…more

How to Write Goals You’ll Actually Achieve 5 QuestionsComplimentary Template Offered by Sandra P. Martini

How to write SMART goals, that is goals you actually want to achieve, is a skill set well worth cultivating. From being able to visualize your completed goal to tracking its progress, learn the 5 questions to ask before embarking on your next goal…more

Why Most Authors Sell Few, If Any, Booksby Kathleen Gage

In talking with three authors recently, it was apparent all had spent a great deal of time writing their books. Not only time, but money for editing, cover design, layout, etc. “But book sales are so slow!” all commented. “What are you doing to market?” I inquired with each. All proudly responded, “I put it on Amazon.” Not sure where to begin? Check out Kathleen’s FREE Report – Hit #1 on Amazon…more

How to Make Money With a Free Event by Michele A Scism

As an entrepreneur, you’re adding lots and lots of names to your mailing list (at least we hope you are), but how do you make money with it? Michele A. Scism shows us 3 ways you can turn a free event, in this case a virtual event, into cash…more

Stuck? 3 Tips to Bust Though and Have a Business Breakthroughby Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

If you’re experiencing a plateau in terms of business growth, income, or abundance levels, then it’s time to examine your path to breaking through. Michele Pariza Wacek shares three tips for making a mindset shift that leads to a business breakthrough…more

Terri Zwierzynski, MBA (UNC-Chapel Hill) became a corporate refugee in 2001, after 15 years of servitude employment. After her initial shock at being unemployed, she vowed to “never work for an idiot again!” and decided to be her own boss (and try to live up to that vow!) She launched in 2003 to provide a quality selection of online resources for building a Solo Entrepreneur business, from hand-picked, proven, truly Expert coaches, consultants, trainers and implementers - mentors she personally trusts.

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