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It’s no fun being misunderstood, but sometimes in the wake of all your emails, blog posts, status updates, etc, confusion happens.

You might get puzzling responses, nasty emails, or comment threads that are so off topic you’re wondering if the people responding are talking about your original post.

One of the things I emphasize with my clients is to stand out as a conversation leader. To do that effectively, you don’t just post and run. You stick around and respond, monitor, and course correct when needed. (By course correct, I mean that when the conversation goes totally off topic, you jump over and pull the focus back in.)

So let’s say you post a good business related question on Facebook and the first person who responds misunderstands your question. Their response goes way off base, maybe is laced with overreaction, and derails the conversation in a new, unexpected direction. If the new direction is one that you’re not wanting, you need to be monitoring things enough that you can jump in and clarify.

I’ve seen people post provocative questions (which is a great strategy!) but never come back in to engage. That’s defeating the purpose and surrendering your position as conversation leader.

That’s a Facebook example. You also need to think about comments left on your blog and other sites. It’s not about censorship, but about awareness of what’s being said in and around your business. Remember, your public image is part of your visibility strategy.

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