Did You Know that on Average a Tweet is Only Retweeted 1.4 Times?

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Social media is all the buzz…and if you aren’t buzzing with everyone else, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind.
But you know, how much twitter is helping your particular business may be a tad over-rated. I first read about this on Jeannette Paladino’s blog.

It turns out that for most of us mere mortals, our tweets are only retweeted 1.4 times on average. If you are using twitter to build your business, that’s not so inspiring.

Of course, social marketing is still in its infancy…plenty of changes still to come. It might be hard to think of a world without facebook. But it was hard to imagine a world without vinyl records at one time, as well. So things change.

So the question for you is “how much time and energy do you want to invest in social marketing – and how will you know it is working?”

The answer, of course, is it all depends. If you enjoy it, and it hasn’t become an addiction, and you’re getting a little traction, then it may be worth it.

If, on the other hand, you dread it, you don’t understand it, and you don’t seem to be getting any gain out of it, it might be worth taking a hiatus while you step back and reconsider your overall marketing strategy.

Nina East is usually described as being ahead of her time, and not at all what you would expect. She has had multiple careers and businesses - often described as a serial entrepreneur or serial expert. In addition to running two online companies, Nina has been a leadership and personal development trainer, a published author, the director of student development at a liberal arts university, a manager of a traditional retail store, the lead certifier for the International Association of Coaching, the senior trainer at the world's largest coach training program, a motorcycle safety instructor, and a firewalk instructor!

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2 comments on “Did You Know that on Average a Tweet is Only Retweeted 1.4 Times?
  1. I’m not really surprised about this. My Twitter stream is almost completely filled up with quotes or “how I can make you a million dollars while you sleep”. I occasionally come across the interesting blog post (like this one).

    Twitter is such a fast moving medium (even faster than Facebook) that it’s hard to find things of value. Blink your eyes and whatever you were looking at is gone!

    Right now, Social Media might work for a few astute entrepreneurs who may have found an interesting way to capture people’s attention. For the most part, though, it’s entertainment. Sometimes thought provoking, other times – not so much.

  2. Nina East says:

    Good point, Ken. I have started using filters so that I can easily find the people who tend to provide the most useful – and interesting – information. I have a “cool people” group set up in Tweetdeck for just that purpose. Even so, the stream does flow mighty quickly.

    I still scroll back through the “all friends” category periodically looking for some gems. I figure a lot of life is serendipity. and Twitter is just a way of increasing the chances of stumbling across something.

    But I think you are right that Twitter is a more useful business tool for people who are already well known or have substantial lists to begin with.
    I, myself, find it most useful for brain candy. 🙂

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