Building Links to Your Site – the Right Way

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One of the best ways to increase your exposure to your desired market is to be more visible on the web. Obvious, yes?

But if you’re like most people, you’re confused by all the SEO talk…which keywords, when do I use keywords, what about meta tags, yadda yadda…..It can be overwhelming.

Really, the best way to get known online is to be engaging in meaningful discussion with people who are in your desired market. On other words, talk to the people who are talking about the things or services you are providing.

When you are engaged in conversation about things your market finds meaningful, they will begin telling others about you – linking to you. Therein lies the beauty. Not only are you adding value, it is BY adding that value that you gain incoming links.

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Well, it is, but most people are going about it the hard way, creating everything from scratch. There is a very cool way to leverage the conversations already going on in your marketplace to gain natural, virtually effortless links.

The program I’m studying for this, and I hope you will, too, is Link Liberation.

I’ve been following these guys for some time and am always impressed with how clever they are, as well as how “above-board” they are. If you’ve heard the term “black hat” strategies, it refers to sneaky, and sometimes outright unethical ways of doing business. These guys are 100% white hat. There are so many honest, fairly easy ways to build your search engine ranking and online presence, that it’s a waste of karma to use the questionable ways.

So…check out Link Liberation.

And, if you join me in the program – which means signing up via my link (yes, that is an affiliate link for the program), I will give you 2 hours of free consultation time. You can use this time to have me customize your WordPress site, or even help you put the pieces in place that you’ll be learning in Link Liberation. Just remember you have to register via this link to get the extra bonus. Link Liberation

Can’t wait to experience Link Liberation with you!!

Nina East is usually described as being ahead of her time, and not at all what you would expect. She has had multiple careers and businesses - often described as a serial entrepreneur or serial expert. In addition to running two online companies, Nina has been a leadership and personal development trainer, a published author, the director of student development at a liberal arts university, a manager of a traditional retail store, the lead certifier for the International Association of Coaching, the senior trainer at the world's largest coach training program, a motorcycle safety instructor, and a firewalk instructor!

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One comment on “Building Links to Your Site – the Right Way
  1. “Keep it real”
    Real conversation, real interaction are the best ways to build your reputation, your brand, and of course backlinks.

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