Your Email Marketing Rut And What To Do About It!

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Email marketing: it’s important because it works. But when you have been doing it for a while, it’s easy to let time pass. Then things start getting stale and your results start to decline. You’ve gotten into an email rut and it’s time to shake things up to improve your email marketing results.

Here’s what to look at:

1) Update Technology

I’ll admit, I’ve been with my email service, AWeber, since 2006. And I don’t plan to change that any time soon. Yet that doesn’t mean I don’t shop around annually to see what I may be missing. The fact is technology changes quickly and new bells and whistles are invented all the time to make your email marketing campaigns successful. You don’t want to miss out by not staying informed about new offerings. And whether you switch technology, by checking it out, you may discover your own service provides more than you know.

2) Create New Designs

Design tastes change and using an old template and artwork makes you look dated. You want your look to reflect your brand in such a way that your current customers as well as future customers take notice.The goal is to remain fresh, memorable and modern to breathe new life into your email marketing campaigns. You may also want to consider ditching the newsletter, as studies are show ezines don’t convert as well as solo emails. (It’s why I moved to solo emails a while ago. It’s still great content, just delivered a bit differently.)

3) Improve Your Call To Actions (CTAs)

What worked a year ago might be old news today. As technology improves and people become more educated, you may need to try new ways to get your market to act upon your CTAs. Plus, it’s likely you have learned more about what type of CTAs work best for your market. (Another reason I switched to solo emails instead of the typical ezine,) Revisit the CTAs you have in place now, and try to improve upon them so that you’ll get even more results.

4) Optimize for Mobile

If you haven’t optimize your email marketing for mobile, yet, you are way overdue. Most emails are now read with mobile devices. If your email marketing isn’t responsively designed (that is, for both computers and mobile platforms), you’re likely missing out on most of your market. Your email marketing service probably has easy templates and designs that are responsive but what about the items you ask your audience to click-through to see? Are they responsive? If not, do this… do this NOW!

5) Renew Your Drip Campaigns

Even if you’re promoting the same products and services today that you were promoting a year or more ago it’s important to update your drip campaigns anyway. As you learn more about what your audience needs and their pain points, you can easily improve upon your autoresponders in both design and words. A great email service can show you what messages are working and what aren’t so you can do a little refreshing and improving.

6) Update Segmentation Strategy

Most people start out with segmenting their email marketing between buyers and non-buyers but you can go so much further with that. You can segment by product interest, device interaction and more. You will get a lot better return on investment the more you can segment your audience because it will enable you to deliver the best message to each audience.

7) Integrate Social Media

You probably already use social media in your marketing campaigns. But, do you have your email marketing integrated with social media in a way that allows your subscribers to help you get more subscribers, as well as help your subscribers join you on social media? You should cross-promote your email list with your social media to get the most results. If your audience is reading your emails and interacting with you on social media, you’ve got the best of all worlds and the most chances of conversions.

8) Study Your Metrics

You should probably study the metrics of your email marketing before and after each marketing campaign and then look at some things more thoroughly each year to find out what is working and what is not working. Which subscribers are engaged and which are not engaged? Do you know?

Make plans to revisit these things every single year because as technology improves and changes, to stay on top you need to improve and change too. And if you are ready to beef up your email marketing and list building efforts, join me for 20 to Plenty.

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