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Shama Hyder Kabani is a twenty-something genius at business, social media, and making money online. Her new book, “The Zen of Social Media” is the answer to my prayers. It clearly outlines a thorough and effective social media strategy without going overboard with hyperbole, fluff or unimportant technicalities.

I get a LOT of books sent to me by people wanting me to read them, review them, and help promote them. And sadly to say, the majority of what’s sent to me are inferior. The “book as a sales tool or lead generator” tactic has gone too far, in my opinion. I want a book where I’m actually going to learn something, not just have the obvious stated and restated page after page. I love trees too much to see all that paper wasted with bad books.

So let me say this about Shama’s book- it’s a real book. It’s not a glossy 186 page teaser with zero nutritional value for the mind.


I’m partial to Shama because I’ve known her since 2008 and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her at Increase Sales with Social Media in 2009. She’s a genuinely caring person with a strategic mind unmatched by most others in the industry.

I like her as a person and I respect her as a professional. It’s tempting to write a glowing review for your friends because after all, we’re friends, right? But I felt no conflict when I received this book and started going through its content.

Here’s why I like this book and why I recommend it:

1. It paints a comprehensive picture.

The book starts out with some online marketing basics, then explains the importance of your website and blog in relation to a strong social media presence. That key point gets skipped over in the majority of social media books. She doesn’t wax poetic about Twitter without relating it to the rest of your business. This book keeps you focused on the big picture while learning the details.

2. The first person to explain “meta-data” in a humane way

Meta-data is information that gets search engines to find you. Trying to learn what it is, how to use it, and what it means can bring a grown person to tears. This book actually explains it so you can optimize your web and social media presence with the behind-the-curtain tools the pro’s use.  Totally worth reading! Dog ear those pages and hold them in your lap next time you need to list keywords for a blog post or online video.

3. Expert tips and case studies show real world success strategies

Throughout the book are sidebars by experts in social media, online marketing, video, and more. (I’m included in her tips from experts, discussing how to build credibility with social media).  There are a total of 31 expert tips in the sidebars, plus 12 case studies that I found fascinating. Her case studies include a magazine publisher, service professionals, and even a religious group. All outline how they’re using social media and to what success.

You’ll also find helpful screenshots, a down to earth writing style, and insightful observations of what works and what doesn’t work in social media marketing.

Two thumbs up for The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani.

Want to see what others are saying about this book?

Click HERE for a link to Amazon.

I’m seeing lots of stars next to it. I know you’ll get a lot out of this book.

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