The Fine Art of Self-Promotion

By , Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Well I have a feeling that this might be a sticky subject but here we go.  The fine art of self-promotion or Is self-promotion a sin?

Whether you think it is art or a sin you have to admit that there are right ways and wrong ways of self-promotion.  There are also hugely differing views.

When you think of self-promotion do you think of those people who are always telling you how great they are, posting nothing in their social media accounts but product and service promotions or commenting on your blog and of course including a link to their newest product?

Before we get started why don’t you take a moment to watch this video from Adam Urbanski, The Marketing Mentor…..

So was that self-promotion? After all self-promotion is defined as promotion of oneself effected by oneself.

I didn’t record the video.  But don’t think for a moment that I won’t be sharing it everywhere that I can think of.  Wouldn’t you?

How about this?  I recently worked with Lora Crestan of Solstice Group Coaching and today I received the following message from Lora:

“Hi Michele,  I really appreciated our time together earlier this week!  I am almost through my to-do list that I created from our discussion.  I am seeing some traction already.  It is all about getting the process set up and daily follow up…just like everything else.  Our session was really a brainstorming session that provided me with validation that while I was on the right track with some things,  I needed to tweak a few others.  Like Jim Collins says, steady and consistent pressure applied creates great results – that seems to be your message:  focus and discipline.  I love your energy and enthusiasm and of course, your sense of humor.   Lora Crestan – Solstice Group Coaching”

Is this blog post purely self-promotion?  No and I hope you don’t think so.  Is it driven by a desire to self-promote?  Absolutely!  Think about this, in one day you receive a video and separate email telling you how awesome you are – you want to share that with the world – what is a girl to do?

Why not write a blog post to explain how to self-promote the right way.  TaDa!  That’s what you call an Ah-ha moment.

Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners create passive income streams so they can stop working so hard and start enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted recently on NBC, CBS, Fox, and She is an international speaker, best-selling author and the Founder of Decisive Minds.

She is a serial entrepreneur who knows how it feels to fail miserably at business, at one time the bank actually called demanding their $1.5 million back, and also knows how it feels to sign the contract to sell your company for $9 million dollars. For business building tips visit

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