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Years ago when I first started my business, I heard about starting email “groups”. I was intrigued…and I admit it, a little confused about how it all worked.

I remember spending days figuring out the mechanics because back then, there was NO ONE teaching this stuff.

And I remember being so excited the moment when I pressed “send” on my FIRST email article broadcast.

I held my breathe, hoping no one would send back a “who do you think you are” response, then sighed in relief when instead, I received many “thank you’s” for providing great tips and articles.

Encouraged, I quickly learned the art of integrating content with sales and as a result, rapidly saw my list and my income increase.

Back then, we would all come running when we heard the “You’ve got mail!” message because it meant someone was reaching out to us.

LOL to think about now, right?  )

And while today, most of us have a love/hate relationship with email, despite our full inboxes, email still remains one of THE best business tools for you to:

  • Build a loyal list of fans and followers
  • Connect regularly with your ideal clients
  • Build your credibility and your celebrity
  • Load up your preview calls with prospective clients
  • Fill your VIP Days, private high-end programs, workshops and more
  • Sell your home-study and training courses
  • Test out new ideas
  • Get the attention of collaboration partners, add speaking opportunities to your calendar…and more.

The secret? It’s all about creating connection and cash flow.

And when you know the simple steps to follow, you can add income to your business on demand.

Quick example: Earlier this month we added over 700 people to our list and generated a hefty 5-figure payday by sending a few simple emails — following the templates I’ve created and have proven to work — to a colleague’s list.

And you can do the same. Here is just one of my easy templates you can follow to generate sales from your email.

I call this the S.I.M.P.L.E. template and you’ll quickly see why:

S –> SEQUENCE your emails
Let’s say you’re offering a VIP Day or some type of a home-study course. Even though your goal is to make sales you still need to provide content in your emails. Decide in advance what type of content is best suited for your offer. I teach 3 different styles of content to pick and choose from.

I –> INVOLVE your reader
Starting with the subject line and continuing with your opening sentence, main “body” and closing, it’s critical that you’re engaging and relatable. And by all means, do NOT be boring!
I love using subject lines that create “curiosity”. For example:

BORING: “How to lead with authenticity”
AWESOME: “The #1 secret all top leaders swear by is this”

M –> MAP out why they should sign up or make a purchase from you
This is your opportunity to really paint the picture as to who your product or service is perfect for and what problems will be eliminated if they say yes to your offer.

P –> PROVE the value
Think results, results, results. Even “soft” services lend themselves beautifully to demonstrating tangible results that impact peoples’ lives in multiple ways.

L –> LEVERAGE their learning
I love to include tips and strategies in a promo email, that clearly outline HOW my readers will benefit from investing in my program or product. Your goal is to help them imagine the service/program you’re offering becoming part of their life.

E –> ENERGIZE them into action
Ask your reader to take action multiple times in your email. Aim for at least twice in the main body of the email, and at least once more in the P.S. at the end.

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