Why Do You Want More Visibility?

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If you ask businesses and entrepreneurs if they’d like a higher level of visibility, most will answer with a resounding YES.

Right now, getting signed up on as many social networking sites as possible is being confused with a visibility plan. Not unlike the myth that 1000 friends on Facebook will somehow solve all your marketing problems, just having a profile isn’t going to do any magic.

There’s nothing wrong with signing up on several sites and learning as you go along, but it’s more important than ever to understand your reasons for showing up.

When you understand your reasons, you’ll show up with a purpose and tie that into your business goals.

Although social networking is a softer, relationship driven form of marketing, it can yield tangible results that you can ultimately quantify.

The following list shows just a few points behind a successful social media presence.

•    Build a credible name for yourself in your niche or industry

•    Showcase your expertise

•    Connect with prospective clients

•    Drive traffic to your website, blog, or articles

•    Build a following

•    Attract joint venture and strategic alliance partners

•    Get known by the media

•    Broaden your sphere of influence

Why do you want more visibility? I’d love your comments.

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One comment on “Why Do You Want More Visibility?
  1. Thanks for your nice feedback Sherri and “Top Webmaster”. People get overtaken by all the bright shininess of social media, they forget that at the end of the day we need to get results. Appreciate your comments and retweets!


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