Do You Need A Break From Your Business? Hire A Virtual Assistant To Help!

By , Certified Online Business Manager/Social Media Manager

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Sophie Zollmann - Certified Online Business Manager/Social Media Manager

Taking a break from your business is important, but it may not work if you run a business that continually requires you to work in order for the money to come in. These types of businesses are good because you have control and the ability to run the business in any way you choose, but taking time off can be a huge challenge. You may find the only break you can afford to take is a few hours off a week.

Running your own business requires you to continually market it, perform most, if not all of the tasks, and everything else that goes along with your business. If you don’t do all of these things, you won’t see growth, and depending on the type of business you run, you might even fail. Since that’s not what you want, you must work hard every day.

Many business owners feel there is not one other person out there willing to work as hard as they do for them to reach success. They feel they are the only person that wants the business to be successful, so the only way to make that happen is to do everything themselves with no help from anyone. The longer you feel this way, the more stress you’re going to have in your life, and the more difficult things will be for you. You may find that over time things are going to fall apart and your business will struggle.

To prevent this from happening, you need to find people to help you. When you outsource tasks and delegate parts of your business to others, you’ll find things will work better for you and your business will start to grow again. You’ll find things will be easier for you, and you’ll have more time to do the things that are important to you and the parts of the business that must be performed by you.

The best way to handle this is to hire a Virtual Assistant. Your Virtual Assistant will have the ability to handle the tasks you don’t like to do, the ones you don’t know how to do, and the ones you don’t have time to do. Over time, you’ll find she’ll be able to do more and more things for you, which will give you the ability to expand your business, spend more time with your family, and do the things you really want to do. You may even ask yourself what you did without your Virtual Assistant.

Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There For You is a Certified Social Media and Online Business Manager committed to working with online entrepreneurs to get them back to working ON their business not IN it. They are able to focus on growing their business, taking great care of their clients, and having more time to enjoy life outside of their business. Find out more at

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