Freeway Bathroom Money Drama

By , Money Strategist for Business Owners

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Justin Krane, CFP - Money Strategist for Business Owners

I had a big drive ahead of me. I was fading.

I needed a serious jolt – so I got myself a cup of coffee.

I was good in the hood for the drive back to my office.

But what I didn’t know was that there was going to be humungo traffic on the drive back.

All of a sudden I got real thirsty. So I drank a whole bottle of water.

Next thing I know I had to pull over and go to the bathroom. But the traffic was so slow I couldn’t even change lanes!

The Mission Impossible theme song was playing in my head. The traffic was so slow and I had to go the bathroom! TMI? I bet you can relate!

I finally made it back to my office. But then the men’s room was closed for cleaning.

(Seriously? Talk about the worst timing ever.)

Ya know one of those big honky yellow floor signs right in front of the door – with that weird pole wedged in the door?

I practically high jumped over that pole.

The cleaning lady and I locked eyes. It was hill-air. She knew I was in trouble.

Katie bar the door.

Ground Control to Major Bladder.

I couldn’t hold out! I instinctively just barreled over the lady. And made it in the nick of time.

How many times do you get things done in your business in the nick of time? Especially when it comes to your business money?

Check this out.

I wrote this article for Business Insider – 3 key numbers you need to track in your biz.

Out with in the nick of time. Barely making it. In with financially breathing. And having the money to do what you want.

Click here to read the article.


Justin Krane is a money strategist for business owners. His mission is to help business owners understand the money side of their business. He teaches entrepreneurs how to be strategic with their business money so that they can grow their businesses.

Justin isn’t about cutting back and living a frugal life. Justin is all about getting the shoes, doing sushi, and living the best life today – while saving for the future.

He has been featured in CBS, Fox Business News, and MSNBC. Book a Free Strategy Session with Justin.

© Copyright 2016 Justin Krane, CFP
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