Mind Your Body: It Might Be Telling You Something!

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Very early last year, I found myself in the hospital for three days with stomach pains that had me doubled over, unable even to lift my purse or get around by myself. The doctors couldn’t figure out what it was, we had all kinds of infectious disease experts involved, and it remained a mystery until a diagnosis was finally reached: a pneumonia-like lung infection. I ended up spending most of January recuperating.

I’d started the New Year with great intentions, big plans. I’d even signed up for a major, weeklong workshop that involved all kinds of mindset breakthroughs. I thought I was really psyched up for it, and had paid a lot of money to go to it.

But looking back, I realized some things. First, I hadn’t been working with a coach when I became ill – instead, I was intent on doing it all myself. Second, the workshop had seemed to be very masculine-oriented: lots of talk about “busting through” in a way that was really forceful. And I think that deep down, I knew this wasn’t my path. It just took a total revolt from my body for my mind to get the message!

After my health improved, I found and hired my ideal coach. With her help, I soon realized that my true path involved the blending of the masculine and the feminine energies. This burst of clarity allowed me to start looking at what it was that I really wanted, and asking myself, what do I really want?

I quickly stepped into what I call my “big vision” – and things started shifting for me immediately. Within two weeks I got two of my highest-paying clients, and the ball hasn’t stopped rolling since!

While I sure don’t recommend a hospital stay, I do hope you’ll start to tune into your body’s signals, and notice what it is saying to you. When do you feel most tense, and what are you doing when that happens? Does your stomach act up, or do your shoulders get tight? Do you get tension headaches? Are you breathing deeply, and feeling calm and relaxed – or do you feel short of breath, or even dizzy?

When you are aware of your body’s signals, take a step back from what you’re doing, breathe and evaluate. Is there something else bubbling under the surface that you need to deal with? What’s distracting you, and why?

Take some time to clear your head. Write in a journal, take a walk or a nap, talk to a friend (or coach), do a little yoga. Whatever it takes to help you step back and find clarity before you move forward yet again.

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