How to Better Organize Your Home Office

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Do you ever find yourself working in multiple spots in your home? Like you kind of don’t have a place to set up so you move around all the time?

Most of my clients complain about not being organized and they freak out about how to get things done every day.

Ever since I invested in having a personal organizer come to my home and help me with my space I’ve been much better about being efficient in the home.

Let me share some of my best tips with you:

  • Find one location to land – do your best to find one spot in your home. If you’ve got an office that’s great but if it means you carve out a nook in your bedroom, kitchen or dining room then do the best you can with the space you have.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum – have you ever noticed how you can work better with only a few folders, papers or books on your desk? That’s because there are less distractions. Decide  on only what you really need and throw out or file what you don’t.
  • Go to an office supply store – don’t just buy what you think you need, walk around and see what they have that will better organize your space. Visualize what you think will work for you. Consider getting file folders for clients, a filing cabinet, printer paper, a printer/fax/copy machine, telephone and headset, sticky notes, permanent markers, hi-liters, pens, pencils, legal notepads, stapler, staples, tape, ink cartridges, at –a- glance wall calendar and a whiteboard. All of these items are very helpful when you have a home based business.
  • Organize folders for clients – I’m a fan of paper files for clients. Long ago in one of my old corporate jobs I remember that my secretary organized all of my new client folders for me. On the left side was all legal and financial information and on the right side were notes. Think about the forms you need for your client work and then decide how you want to set up your folders.

Remember, keep clutter to a minimum at all costs because having an office that runs efficiently will help you stay focused on projects, clients and revenue generating activities.

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