You Hot Or Cold?

By , Money Strategist for Business Owners

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Justin Krane, CFP - Money Strategist for Business Owners

You get in your shower at the hotel. You turn the water on – and it is crazy hot. You turn the knob the other way, and it gets even hotter?

You can’t figure out which way is hot and which way is cold.

Next thing you know, it’s been 10 minutes – you’re still in the shower – and all you have is a bunch of steam and no cold water! Ya gettin’ burned up in there. It’s ya own private steam room.

There is no trend either way with that crazy water temp.

Let’s talk about trends fo’ a sec. Your money trends.

When you make more money, do you spend more of it? Or do you save it?

What’s your intention? What’s your plan? To spend more when you make more? Or to save the extra money?

I’m all for doing what you want. Spending, saving, whatevs baby. But do you even know what you want to do?

I’ve looked at so many people’s money spending habits – and many people spend more when they make more – and are always playing ketch-up.

They try to get back on track to get back on track. They never figure out the water temp. They take a bath with their money.

What’s your plan? Whatever it is, stick to it – but be aware of what y’all actually do.

Justin Krane is a money strategist for business owners. His mission is to help business owners understand the money side of their business. He teaches entrepreneurs how to be strategic with their business money so that they can grow their businesses.

Justin isn’t about cutting back and living a frugal life. Justin is all about getting the shoes, doing sushi, and living the best life today – while saving for the future.

He has been featured in CBS, Fox Business News, and MSNBC. Book a Free Strategy Session with Justin.

© Copyright 2014 Justin Krane, CFP
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