How to Make Networking + Sales Consults EASY

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At one point or another, we’ve all had to face a conversation that we really dreaded. It might have gone really well or not so well. I am guessing that once you had the conversation, though, you felt relieved. It felt good. And you could move forward. Your online business grew.

Maybe this conversation was with a boss or a spouse or a potential client. Maybe it was even at a networking or live event. *GASP*

In the short video below you’ll learn how to make those not-so-fun conversations easier. You may even find that you’ll look forward to registered for a networking or a event and having conversations with people that you’ve never met before just because you want to see how easily it really is to break schema. Never heard of schema? No problem.

Please push play on the video below and you’ll be well on your way to embracing the previously not-so-fun sales conversations or introductory conversations at networking events.


As you saw, it isn’t hard at all. It’s very simple, actually. (Simple = Good!)

Show up as you, ask authentic questions, and think outside the box. Consider what the person thinks you’ll say or do and then choose to do something different. Quit being boring and safe and instead use every opportunity to get creative. Afterall, it’s your business and your life.

Also, did you notice the word that I used to break schema in this video? HINT: It’s not a word that is used very frequently in videos teaching you how to grow your online biz. If I can do it, so can you.

Take Action Now! Please share how this approach has – and will – help you in your life and as you market your online business. Can you think of 3-5 truly authentic conversation starters to try out in the next week?

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