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Cash Flow Mastery
4 Weeks to End the Cycle of Feast or Famine in Your Business & Create Consistently High Income Every Single Month

Is there a secret to creating consistently high income, month after month? Well… Yes… But it’s not really a secret. And it’s actually simpler than you think. Join Monica Shah for Cash Flow Mastery and learn the method to generating money consistently in your business.

Offered By Monica Shah

Client Jumpstart
How to get 7 clients in the next 60 days

Monica Shah has taken the top 7 strategies she teaches business owners who are serious about getting clients, and bundled them into one powerful 4-part course designed to show you what to do now to get 7 clients in the next 60 days.

Offered By Monica Shah

Master Your Mindset
Discover how to get out of your own way and play a bigger game.

Join Fabienne Fredrickson for this four-part course where she’ll show you how to step up and play a bigger game in your business (and life), starting today. Upgrade your business, income, and life – personally and professionally – and learn why it’s your duty to play a bigger game. The bigger you play, the more you change the world.

Offered By Fabienne Fredrickson

7 Ways to Make More Money

You’re spinning your wheels. Making the same money. Getting nowhere real quick. Dealing with your cash flow is a major pain. All you want is some predictable, reliable, consistent income. Right? This course by Justin Krane will help.

Offered By Justin Krane

One Page Strategic Plan

Hundreds of online business owners have used this tool to build a roadmap for a successful (and profitable!) year. The One Page Strategic Plan by Krista Martin will give you never-seen-before clarity + focus to help build your business.

Offered By Krista Martin
Format/Delivery: Self Study Course: PDF download

3 Easy Steps to More Clients: The Fast Track to Clients System

What if there was a proven way to attract more clients into your business? What if you could finally say goodbye to the feast and famine cycle in your biz? What if you could consistently attract new, ideal AND high paying clients? The Fast Track to Clients self-paced training course by Krista Martin will show you how to easily attract more clients, pronto.

Offered By Krista Martin
Format/Delivery: Ecourse: 3 Modules, Bonuses, PDF download

Speeches To Go

Being a coach is so fulfilling, isn’t it? And yet, there’s something more that is calling within you: a desire to share a message with others that only you can share. Karen Cappello's Speeches To Go Program will give you the exact steps you need to take to utilize speaking presentations to get in front of your ideal clients and bring them into coaching.

Offered By Karen Cappello
Format/Delivery: Ecourse: Audios, Power Point Presentation, 2 Incredible ebooks, Transcripts.

Discover Easy List Building

Building an email list is an intricate dance of psychology. You need to get people excited. You need to build trust. You need to create a sense of urgency. You need people to think they'll get value from your list. You need social proof. Shannon Cherry shows you how you can increase your list opt in rates and get your list exposed to more of the right people!

Offered By Shannon Cherry
Format/Delivery: Free Ecourse

How to ‘Show Off’ Your Credibility Factor For Revenue Acceleration

Whether you know it or not, credibility is key to climbing the corporate ladder, growing your business and positioning yourself for long-term success. Would you like to know how to get it, keep it, and if you lost it (how to get it back)? Then why not take advantage of this 5-Day Complimentary E-course.

Offered By Laureen Wishom
Format/Delivery: Delivered by Email

Wealth Creation Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Who cares about making money in your business! Your goal should be creating wealth for a lifetime. Isn't that why you started your business anyway? Sure, a part of that means you need a profitable business. But creating wealth is so much more than that. Regardless of how you define success, it makes sense to make the most of your money. As an entrepreneur you have some significant wealth creation opportunities and some significant challenges. This e-course is designed to address both.

Offered By Shannon Cherry
Format/Delivery: E-course