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Alone in Business: Work Your Way
The Complete Guide to Going it Alone in Business

Decisive Minds Business Planner
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Imagine being on a solid path to profits for your coaching business - instead of worrying whether you’ll be able to pay your expenses? The 2016 Decisive Minds Business Planner by Michele Scism will help you create a solid plan will free your time and focus, allow your business to grow, and deliver a better transformation for your clients.

Offered By Michele A Scism

Master Your Mindset
Discover how to get out of your own way and play a bigger game.
Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder of (Previously

Join Fabienne Fredrickson for this four-part course where she’ll show you how to step up and play a bigger game in your business (and life), starting today. Upgrade your business, income, and life – personally and professionally – and learn why it’s your duty to play a bigger game. The bigger you play, the more you change the world.

Offered By Fabienne Fredrickson

6 Weeks To a Rock Star Podcast

Fill Your Coaching Groups With Ease

Automate Your Growth
Leverage Your Brilliance with Automated Revenue Streams Digital Access Workshop

The Art of Group Coaching

Fill Your Coaching Practice Now – Home Study Course

The Get Clients Online Home Study System

Personal Creativity Module: Create An Intuitive Joy Journal
Part of Business Fusion Studio

Let your teenage girl out to play again! You have full permission to play with paint, markers, rubber stamps, and stickers! This is an EASY (absolutely NO artistic talent is needed!) project to get you into the creative flow and build your creative courage muscle. PLUS you’ll have a personalized journal to write, doodle, and capture whatever brings a smile to your day! Laura West, Creative Business Coach, shows you how in her Personal Creativity Module: Create An Intuitive Joy Journal which includes examples, easy-how-to videos, and instructions.

Offered By Laura West
Format/Delivery: Examples, Easy-How-To Videos, Supplies List, Idea Video, Step-by-Step Instructions, and a Bonus Video with Behind-the-Art-Scenes Tricks

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