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Format/Delivery: 4-Session VIDEO Training
Investment: $259
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Karon Thackston - Website, Conversion & SEO Copywriter, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

Products Not Selling Fast Enough On Amazon?
Watch & Learn A Pro’s Secrets To Creating Magnetic Product Descriptions
That Will Catapult Your Sales

What’s every Amazon seller’s #1 goal? Make more money! But let’s face it: you don’t make a dime until your product SELLS. The longer your products sit in Amazon’s warehouse, the longer it takes to recoup your investment. Worse, if they sit long enough, you start racking up fees that eat away at your profits. There’s only one way to succeed at FBA: keep that inventory moving!

While some people think selling on Amazon is a “set it and forget it” system, seasoned pros know that gobs of traffic and sales don’t just happen automatically. Competition on Amazon today is brutal. You need to know how Amazon decides which products to show first when customers search their site as well as how to entice and inspire shoppers to buy. When you understand and use that knowledge to your advantage, you’ve got a serious leg up on your competition.

The challenge? There’s a lot of information you need to know, and you probably haven’t got time to weed through all the fluff to get to the meat of it. So why struggle? My team and I have been paid to write over 1,000 Amazon product listings, and have seen our customers’ sales transformed as a result. We already know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s Why I’m Doing Something Unprecedented

In the Product Description Boot Camp, I’ll let you watch over my shoulder as I walk you through the exact same steps my team and I use when writing sales-boosting product listings for our clients.

The best part? Once you learn my proven process, you can rinse,
repeat, and reap more sales on EVERY listing you create on Amazon.

For less than you would pay me and my team to create 1 listing for you, you can develop an unlimited number of product listings anytime you want. This is absolutely the fastest and easiest way to master product listing creation! The power is in your hands.

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Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words SEO copywriting, author of The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course and 5 other books. She has been writing customer-connected, sales-generating, search engine copy for companies like Gorton's Seafood and the American Boating Association since 1999. She has also spoken at prestigious events including Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies and Niche Affiliate Marketing.

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