Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?

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Sandra De Freitas - The Tech Coach

Serious entrepreneurs like you know you need to have a website – preferably a great one. And you probably know something about blogging – or at least know you should be doing it.

But you also know having someone else create your website the traditional way can be a bottomless pit of frustration, cost overrides, and still leaves you totally dependent on someone else every time you want to make even a tiny, little change.

Let me be honest with you.

That’s how it USED to be – but an old fashioned website just doesn’t cut it anymore. (And that’s good news for you.)

Google and all the other search engines give preference to sites that are:

  • Updated often.
  • Follow their specific rules for formatting and structures.
  • Have relevant, useful content.
  • And are visited by others. Often.

What’s the biggest impact this free blogging software has had?

It has leveled the playing field – so now you can play with the “big boys”…or create a whole new game the “big boys” don’t even know about.

Now YOU can:

  • Be in control.
  • Have greater confidence about your web presence.
  • Get better results from your website with higher search engine rankings and more targeted traffic.
  • Have a website you are proud of and eager to tell people about!
  • And sleep better at night.

Ultimately all of this allows you to have more fun in your business…and have more time to do the things that really matter to you.

But you need to know HOW, without wasting your time or money.

If you’re like most small business owners, you are tight on time, and maybe a little tight on funds.

You may feel “behind the times” (or at least behind the “Jones’s”) when it comes to your website.

You either can’t afford expensive web designers, or simply don’t want to pay huge fees for something you know you could do yourself, if you just had the right guidance.

You may feel stuck and not knowing what to do or where to get started. (After all, there is a lot you COULD know about web design…but there are only a small handful of things you NEED to know.)

This is where I, Sandra De Freitas, technology coach, internet addict, and WordPress fanatic, step in.

In Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat, I show you exactly what you need to know, and let you in on well-kept secrets about what you can simply ignore, so you maximize your time and magnify your results.

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Sandra De Freitasis a top tech coach, speaker, trainer, author and expert in internet technology. She is the founder of and, two successful coaching, consulting and training firms. In 2008 she authored the book Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? How to use a WordPress Blogsite to make money, attract clients and gain expert celebrity status

© Copyright 2011 Sandra De Freitas

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