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Format/Delivery: One Year Membership that includes: Monthly Marketing and Business Building Training Call, "Six Figure Coaching Secrets" Training Calls, Master Mind Coaching, Downloadable Coaching Forms, Checklists, Scripts, Templates etc., "Client Connect" Online Client Relationship Software, Online Networking and Community, Marketing and Promotion Opportunities for YOU and Your Business, Plus Bonuses and More
Investment: One-Time Annual Membership Due: $497
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IAWBC is the FIRST and ONLY Professional Coaching Association founded and run for YOU by one of the industry’s most successful woman coaches…

Women want to learn from strong, feminine leaders who authentically model the grace of the Divine Feminine, and reveal the wisdom of how to make an amazing income. Other organizations unconsciously follow a traditional, masculine model, which doesn’t appeal to the way a women thinks, creates, connects, learns and grows.

The problem for coaches worsens when you consider that there are dozens of coaching schools teaching you how to be a good coach for a modest income, but unintentionally neglecting to teach you how to generate serious income. While coaching is supposed to be based on helping people expand their mindset and results, overall, the coaching industry seems to think very small. If you “color outside of the lines” of the old-fashioned coaching models, you are seen as the black sheep.

All of this adds up to women coaches often feeling isolated and lonely, blaming themselves for not “doing enough” and struggling on their journey.

Listen, you can’t live your purpose if you’re stressed out, overworked, underpaid and feeling like a fraud. To be authentic and in integrity, it’s a requirement that you are successful in your coaching business in order for you to give your clients the value they want, deserve and expect from you.

I founded the International Association of Women in Business Coaching (“IAWBC”) to provide you with little to no-cost ways to market and grow your coaching business. Plus, supply you with the breakthrough beliefs, mindset, habits, strategies and secrets of high-achieving, high income earning coaches. No other professional coaching organization offers you this level of training, mentoring, support and tools, all designed BY a woman…for women.

Who Joins IAWBC?

IAWBC is specifically for you if you are a:

  • Marketing and Business Coach seeking to expand your business
  • Life, Executive, Career and other coach who is attracting entrepreneurs and small business owners (no surprise given that entrepreneurs are THE fastest growing coaching niche on the planet…I’ll explain more about this in a moment)
  • Business owner who is an expert in an area others would pay you for coaching in. (For example, a therapist who wants to coach other therapists on having a successful business.)
  • Virtual Assistant, web designer, copywriter or other expert who serves coaches (IAWBC is the perfect place to network with coaches who are your potential clients)
  • Woman who is considering becoming a coach and want support, training and community connection as you move ahead with your exciting new business
  • A man who resonates with a real-life, spiritual approach to coaching and business building
  • Coach of any kind who wants targeted training on how to market and build a successful coaching business

Here’s the #1 HOTTEST coaching niche for women on the planet today…

No matter what type of coach you are — life, executive, health & wellness, relationship, money, career — the #1 HOTTEST coaching niche on the planet today is coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners and their teams. These people NEED your help. Becoming a member of IAWBC will give you the opportunity to help others succeed and prosper…while YOU do the same!

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