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Format/Delivery: Weekly videos, Q&A calls, strategy session each quarter.

Investment: $697 per quarter or $247 a month for 3 months
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Attention Entrepreneurs: Now, even if you don’t have any time or money to spend on hiring your own personal business coach to help you be super efficient, get new clients and give you a “plan” you can still quickly figure out how to focus on what’s important and stop Tweeting, once and for all.

After growing and running at least one 1-million dollar company since the age of 22, Marley Majcher has created a weekly virtual coaching program that helps harried, stressed out entrepreneurs build their businesses, their brands and fatten the bottom line.

Wouldn’t you like a fast, easy and proven ways to grow your business and the support you need when you feel like just giving up?

If so, I’d like to give you the weekly coaching and mentoring that has helped me build multiple 7-figure businesses from scratch so I can have more time to do what I love and focus on the aspects of my companies that actually make me money, instead of the stuff that just seems like an emergency.

Because until you have a plan and some direction, EVERYTHING is screaming for your attention and it’s almost impossible to know where to focus.

Best of all, I’d like to give you my proven and time-tested strategies for a small investment.

What’s My Sneaky Reason For Practically Giving Away This Killer Advice…?

It’s simple really… I want to WIN your trust and bring out that amazing business owner hiding inside of you!

…because I know that once you start working with me each week, start seeing what a RELIEF it is to have someone ELSE hold you accountable, and finally start feeling confident about where you’re spending your time and knowing it’s on exactly what matters without having to just guess, you’ll keep coming back to me for more amazing nuggets to help you grow your business.

And I love that.

Because I’m a student too, just like you, and I want a “tribe” and “raving fans,” once I’ve shown you I can deliver the goods.

And the fastest and easiest way I know to get YOU to TRUST ME is to give you my time and expertise for dirt cheap. And once you start practicing this whole concept of “working on your business” and not just “in it” and see how easily your confidence swells, and you start getting more and more clients, and a little more free time, here and there, and then you grow your business… you’ll come back to me to help you take your business to the next level.

The best way to learn is to teach it to someone else.

And now I am.

This is the first stop in coaching with me, kind of like dipping your toe in the water, just to make sure you like it…and I think you will!

My little plan to solve my own problems became my Rabbit Express

Why call it Rabbit?

Because bunnies move fast baby, and so will we!

In my newly retooled, Rabbit Express Program!

I came up with the most in-depth and easy way you could possibly get: Weekly Advice and Direction, Straight from Me, So You Can Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Actually GROW Your Business!

Let’s Take A Look At What You Will Experience When You Sign Up for The Rabbit Express Program!…

Rabbit Component #1: Weekly Business Development Video

Every week — via a video — I’ll show up as your virtual Director of Business Development, guiding you through a step-by-step plan of action designed to show you (exactly) what to do THAT WEEK to make more money, land more clients and eliminate the time sucks that are draining you of time and energy right now!

Rabbit Component #2: Open Q&A Call

Calls that actually help you, and hey — if you can’t participate live, no worries… you can STILL get your question in via email prior to the live calls with me. These calls will take place every month, and are CHOCK-FULL of applicable content, strategies and tricks to do MORE with LESS.

PLUS: 1 Extra Q&A a Month (to ask me ANYTHING YOU WANT, LIVE!)

That’s TWO Q&A Calls a Month. You get even more personal access to me every month! You can use these Q&A Calls in a million different ways! Questions on how to price a proposal? Not sure if you’re ready to bring on an assistant? Can’t decide how to free-up some of your time to ACTUALLY to work on your business? I can help with that! Get it? Really – the options are endless. These calls are about YOU and what you need AT THAT MOMENT.

PLUS: 1 Strategy Session with Me every Quarter

A 30 minute One-on-One Session with me every 3 months to ask me your burning business questions! (Hint: I take GREAT notes, so the cool thing is if you ever coach with me in the future, you can build on what we’ve already talked about!) These sessions are not normally available outside of packages with my private coaching clients. I normally charge over $500/hour for one-on-one time with me for random Joe Blows off the street, so this alone is a value of $250!!

Right now, I can do something for you that no other person can… I’m going to give you my most valuable assets, time and experience, just like I’ve given thousands of other successful small business owners before you, so that you can create the business of your dreams and have it THRIVE.

Because when your business is thriving, YOU’RE thriving.

And when you’re thriving, your relationships thrive and you can finally…

Focus on spending your time doing exactly what YOU want to do.

So, if you’re ready to finally do something different… and invest in yourself…

Order right now — while it’s on the top of your mind. Before one more second goes by without the knowledge, support and strategy you need, every week delivered into your in box.

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