Short Copy Success Secrets

How to Write Captivating Tweets, Headlines, Bullets & More

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Karon Thackston - Website, Conversion & SEO Copywriter, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

Struggling to Get Results from Your Tweets, Email Subject Lines, Headlines & Other Short Copy?

If you don’t nail it up front, the rest of your marketing funnel will crash & burn

When You’ve Only Got an Instant to Grab their Attention and Get the Click… Powerfully Written Short Copy is Your Ace in the Hole

Short copy never works alone.

It’s usually the first step in every marketing funnel. That’s why snippets of text like:

  • Tweets
  • Email subject lines
  • Bullet points
  • Headlines
  • PPC Ads
  • Blog posts & article titles
  • Book titles

…have to be engaging in order to drive traffic to landing pages, blog posts, sales copy and more.

Just think about it: you probably landed here because you:

  • read an email subject line and opened the message
  • followed the link in a tweet or other social post, or
  • clicked a PPC ad

If those subject lines, social posts or ads didn’t capture your attention, you would have never found this page.

In a world where social media feeds scroll by in real time and inboxes are flooded with emails, your short copy has to stand out in order to work. If it doesn’t, the rest of your marketing funnel doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance.

In Short Copy Success Secrets, you’ll discover insider tips and tricks professional copywriters use to grab attention in just a few words including:

  • 2 magic words that make your tweets, subject lines & more ultra-clickable.
  • Dozens of ideas for social posts, headlines, bullet points & other short copy.
  • Sure-fire ways to build curiosity in only a few words.
  • What the whole point of short copy really is.
  • Who or what the focus should always be. (It’s not what you think.)
  • What the unexpected goal of all your short copy should be.
  • Quickie writing strategies that will save you time and headaches.
  • How to whittle down long text into snappy short blurbs fast.

And more!

Are You Ready to See Better Engagement, Higher Clickthroughs and More Sales?

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Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words SEO copywriting, author of The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course and 5 other books. She has been writing customer-connected, sales-generating, search engine copy for companies like Gorton's Seafood and the American Boating Association since 1999. She has also spoken at prestigious events including Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies and Niche Affiliate Marketing.

© Copyright 2014 Karon Thackston

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