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Format/Delivery: 4 In-person intensives, 24 live monthly training calls, 12 live Q+A calls with Monica, 6 one-on-one laser sessions, 24/7 support.
Investment: $9000 or $1100 down and 11 payments of $864
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What makes a woman join Money Club?

You’re ambitious. You’re committed. You’re making a name for yourself in your industry – and you want to make sure you make a great living doing it. You know you’re here to do meaningful work, to serve others, to make the world a better place.

What you’re not as clear about is how to turn all that into steady income that grows over time… and gives you everything that you dream of for yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Which is why…

We teach you how to make more money in your business.

It’s actually not that hard to make great money doing what you love… but smart women can sometimes overcomplicate things. That’s where we come in. In Money Club, you get:

  • Training in how to grow a business
  • Guidance about how to make decisions like a highly profitable entrepreneur
  • Personal attention from high level mentors who know YOUR business

The way we look at it is, unless someone teaches you how to set up, run, and grow a profitable business… you probably aren’t going to figure it out on your own anytime soon.

That’s what the Money Club is all about — giving you everything you need to build a business that funds your dreams

The thing about business is that “making money” is a skill, just like anything else. Which means that if you WANT to make more money in your business, you have some learning to do. Very few people are born knowing how to make money.

You have to know the difference between the things that will make you money… and the things that won’t

On any given day, there are hundreds of things you can spend your time on. But only a few of them will actually lead to making money. I call them “revenue generating activities.”

And if you aren’t making as much money as you want in your business right now…

It’s because you aren’t doing revenue-generating activities.

So what are revenue-generating activities?

Revenue-generating activities are things that lead to clients, sales, and money.

…and this is EXACTLY what you learn to do in the Money Club. Because…

The only difference between you and my clients that are making $100K, $300K and even $500K+ is that they’ve trained themselves to do revenue generating activities (and you haven’t–yet)

What will you accomplish in the Money Club?

  • You’ll be WELL on your way to making $100k in your business
  • You’ll be completely clear on what your top revenue generating activities are – and you’ll do them every day
  • You’ll have a clear niche market and become an expert in that marketplace
  • You’ll know exactly how to market to potential clients so that they buy your products and services on the spot.
  • You’ll know how to walk into any networking meeting, feel confident and walk out with leads and referral partners.
  • You will be very clear about what your business is, who it helps and how to talk about it at any event.
  • You’ll know how to get speaking events to promote your business.
  • You’ll have a signature talk and know how to promote it to expand your business.
  • You’ll have a signature system that you can roll out into programs, products and services
  • You’ll have a complete 12-month marketing plan so that you know exactly what to do each month to end feast or famine forever You’ll have a full roster of clients
  • You’ll have a consistent cash flow and the ability to begin to live the lifestyle that you always dreamed of living!
  • And this is just the beginning. . .

A full year of amazing support, breakthroughs and unparalleled profit

4 in-person intensives
Every 90 days, you’ll meet with Monica and the Revenue Breakthrough Team for training, troubleshooting + planning

24 live monthly training calls
2 trainings every month in business, marketing, sales, and money mindset so you unleash your revenue breakthrough + stay on track to your goals

12 live Q+A calls with Monica
Every month you get a group coaching call to get questions about your own business answered on the spot.

6 one-on-one laser sessions
Get private coaching with a Revenue Breakthrough mentor
(6 sessions total)

24/7 support
Round-the-clock access to Monica, the Revenue Breakthrough mentors + dynamic women entrepreneurs, inspiring you to even higher levels of achievement

VIP experiences.
Dramatic savings on VIP planning, strategy + coaching with Monica

Free tickets
Access all of Monica’s Revenue Breakthrough Events – and bring a friend on us!

So are you ready?

Is it finally time to stop struggling and breathe…

Trust that you’re completely supported…

And all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other and follow the proven plan?

See you in the Club!

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