The PR Plan: 3 Simple Strategies to Get More Visibility and Credibility Using Free Publicity

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More customers.
Media attention.
Higher rankings.
FREE recorded webcast to
Change Your Marketing and Increase Your Success

Learn the secret to getting ultimate exposure for FREE.

And as a business owner, you’re probably using a calendar to plan your marketing strategies.

But I bet you forgot to add something to that calendar: press releases.

You’re not alone. So many coaches, consultants and other experts leave off news releases from their marketing plans. And like you, they had hoped to do them, but never seemed to figure out when to write them for the greatest exposure and outreach.

I’m Shannon Cherry, known as the Power Publicist. I’ve been writing press releases for years… ones that have helped clients and even me to get major publicityfor free. My releases have led to media coverage in outlets you may be familiar with: The New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, Parents, The Today Show, and yes, even Oprah.

It saddens me when I hear about people who spend thousands of dollars on marketing methods and get little to no results, especially when I know that if they used news releases, they’d not only get great media coverage, but attract more prospects and increase their search engine rankings all in one swoop.

So how do I do it?

Well, it’s a bit of the law of averages. The more news releases you send out, the more likely you will get media coverage. I write at least one press release a month, or usually two for each client. (And for me, I often write four.)

I know what you’re thinking… how on earth can anyone come up with one, let alone two or four newsworthy angles a month?

It’s all in the planning. And now I want to show you for FREE how I do it – and how you can too!

I invite you to:

“The PR Plan: 3 Simple Strategies to
Get More Visibility and Credibility
Using Free Publicity”

Recording NOW Available for FREE!

  • If you have been struggling to become the recognized expert – one that has a powerful presence online and offline…
  • If you want more prospects coming to you because they know you are the go-to person in your field…
  • If you want to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with a little used, but very effective strategy…

Then you need to add PR and press releases to your marketing mix. And if you don’t know how to incorporate public relations into your marketing plan, listen in on this FREE recorded webcast.

In this exclusive FREE teleseminar, you will learn to:

  • Generate a multitude of newsworthy stories the media – and your target market – will love
  • Find the hot stories reporters are working on now
  • Create a top 10 hit list of media outlets that resonate with your target market so you get maximum visibility
  • Schedule and plan your press releases the RIGHT way so you won’t worry about over saturating the media and potential customers
  • Utilize social media with your press releases to get receive even more exposure

This free teleseminar will give you the tools you need to break free of the trial and error marketing you may be using. It will shed light on a powerful way to increase your visibility and credibility – online and offline – to get more clients while increasing your income.

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