Take-Back-Your-Time Templates for the Solo Entrepreneur

Take-Back-Your-Time Templates

Your Fast and Easy Tools for Organized, Profitable Business Success

Our Experts share the very same easy-to-use templates, checklists and worksheets they use in their own businesses – all in an a single download for your convenience. Check out the included templates:

  • Marty Marsh’s Soul Proprietor Daily Planner – Stressed out with too much on your plate – but need to accomplish a lot? A plan of action. The Daily Planner for Soul Proprietors can save your sanity, organizing both your personal and business life in one place.
    Preview the planner – color pack!
  • Michele Scism’s Business-Building Tracking Spreadsheet – Every Monday, Michele reviews these tracking numbers to assess how her business is performing, and keep her focused on what is important. Included is a link to an explanatory video!
    Preview the tracking numbers spreadsheet
  • Michele PW’s Are You Creative? Quiz and Creativity Exercise – Worried you may not be creative, or you may not be creative enough? Take this quiz and find out just how creative you really are!
    Preview the creativity quiz
  • Karen Cappello’s Signature Program Template – Having a defined Signature Program will help you fill your practice with ease and joy. This template provides you with the steps you need to create your signature program.
    Preview the signature program template
  • Michele Scism and Meredith Eisenberg’s Planning and Product Creation Checklist – Do you have a product idea that you can’t seem to get out of your head? This super easy template takes you through all the steps needed to get your product ready to launch.
    Preview the product creation checklist
  • Christine Gallagher’s “Brand YOU” Worksheet – Your marketing message is a make or break component of your strategy for getting clients and making more money. This worksheet guides you through easily developing your own compelling marketing message!
    Preview the branding worksheet
  • Cindy Schulson’s Testimonial Template and Best Practices – Discover how to easily get great testimonials and how to use them to attract your ideal clients!
    Preview the testimonial template
  • Paula Eder’s Three-Column Scheduling Template – Do you reach the end of your day having NO idea where the time went, frustrated and discouraged because you didn’t accomplish what you planned? The Three-Column Scheduling Template helps you in Finding Time for What Matters Most™.
    Preview the scheduling template
  • Sandra Martini’s How to Write Goals You’ll Actually Achieve – 5 Questions – Write SMART goals and accomplish what you want to achieve! Learn the 5 questions to ask before embarking on your next goal.
    Preview the Write Goals You’ll Actually Achieve template
  • Michele Scism’s Super Easy Speaker Sheet – If somebody approached you about speaking at your next networking event – would you be ready? This super easy speaker sheet by Michele A. Scism has saved her a huge amount of time getting ready for speaking engagements.
    Preview the speaking template
  • Sandra Martini’s How to Create Products Template – Does creating your first multimedia product seem overwhelming? Sandra provides simple steps to creating your first (or latest) product easily!
    Preview the Creating Products Template
  • Paula Eder’s Five-Column Time Estimation Template – Do you feel stymied when it comes to planning time for your tasks and projects? Does it seem like there’s never enough time to bring your plans to fruition? Paula Eder has developed a complimentary template that will help you with that time challenge.
    Preview the Five-Column Time Estimation Template
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