Testimonials for Solo-E.com

“You do such a fab newsletter – one of the few who still does.”
Michael Port ~ New Hope, PA ~ NY Times Bestselling Author of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated ~ www.michaelport.com

“I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog. I really appreciated the short Steve Jobs video you posted on your blog a couple months ago. It was a unique take on why passion is important that I’d never heard before, and a great topic to me mindful of moving forward into the new year. Your point about not choosing a niche based on keywords was a great tie in, too (been there, done that
Ryan Berg, Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

“Kudo’s on the July 14th issue of your ezine! Usually, I skim through and delete. This time, I clicked nearly every link because each article was so interesting to me! Best newsletter I’ve received in months from anyone! Thank you!”
Debbie Mahler,
Algonquin, IL ~ www.mice.org

“I love your E-Zine. I am what some might consider a newsletter junkie due to the number of newsletters that hit my mailbox each day.

Solo-E is absolutely one of my favorites. It is always jam packed with quality articles that are relevant to me and my business. Thanks for offering such a great resource for people like me!”
Kim Turcotte ~ Massachusetts, USA

“I wanted to let you know how lucky I feel to bepart of the Solo-E community. Every time you highlight an article or template I created, I get a flood of new subscribers for my ezine, ProfitZine. Since I joined in March 2008, my subscriber list has grown over 500%. Each time I get a spike of leads, it is always because of Solo-E! Thanks for you and your team’s great work and support (Kimberly is awesome!) Solo-E has done more to grow my business online than any other online activity I do. Thanks.”
Bonnie Richter, Chicago, IL 

“As a newcomer to your Web site and wonderful resources, I was totally frustrated after not being able to receive your newsletter and offers. I immediately wrote to you but before I could properly whine, and to my amazement, you put the A-Team right on it and in less than a few hours, all was well again. Make that the E-Team. The Solo-E Team. I couldn’t help but ask if you treated all of your customers like a Queen and your reply was, “We get customers one at a time, so we make sure we help them; one at a time.”

As far as this Queen is concerned, you have a customer for life because if you will do this for ONE person…then there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll do it for ALL of your subscribers.
Georgia Richardson ~ Alabama, USA

“I think your newsletter is the best one I receive – chock full of useful content – I have referred friends too because I know I consistently get excellent quality.”
Marcia Francois ~ Johannesburg, South Africa ~ www.takechargesolutions.org

“Once I realized that being a solo entrepreneur did NOT mean I had to work entirely alone, I immediately started farming out all the tasks that were clearly not contributing to my success or happiness. Since then, I’ve increased my income by 100% every year! Thank you Solo-E for your support and contribution to
building better lives and businesses for us solo entrepreneurs. The resources, articles, and courses you offer are outstanding and I am proud to be part of your community.”
Kendall Summerhawk ~ Arizona, USA ~ www.kendallsummerhawk.com

“I read every issue of your newsletter with interest. Very stimulating!”
Joseph Triponez ~ Boncourt, Switzerland

“For the past 5 years I have been out of work and so, home. I have explored, attacked and conquered quite a bit of territory on the net – but I must say that no country on this landscape has been as breathtaking, fresh, invigorating AND life-enhancing as yours at Solo-E.com. Please accept my deep gratitude for your site and your work – I especially loved the ‘synchronistic’ article about
getting out from overwhelm – very helpful!”
Biren Shah ~ Baroda, India

“In speaking with Lorraine, I realized that I needed to determine whether any of my thoughts were disconnected and that I needed to reconnect with myself to move toward my vision with the competence I possess. Learning to take calculated risks and begin toward the goal rather than wonder about it and develop further fear of action. Finding the expertise I lack and using that information to assist me to move forward. Identifying business specifics and strategies with others through strategic alliances will help develop my plan and keep me motivated to reach my goals.”
Linda Catomer ~ Illinois

“Some specific comments about my experience with Janis as my expert were that she quickly zeroed in on my needs and gave me some excellent ideas on things I could implement now to get my business going. She helped me to see beyond my challenges and explained why I wasn’t succeeding. She helped see past that – so that I can now be equipped to succeed. She put together a development plan to help get me started and on track!”
Joci James ~ About Choice Coaching

“Solo-E is a great reference and resource website. It provides access to a wide array of content, classes, tools, and information to help you grow your small business. It’s hard to run around and find things that can really benefit your business. Now you don’t have to — they do it for you!”
BZ Riger Hull ~ Martha’s Vineyard, www.allowingprosperity.com

“I was referred to Solo-E some time ago and joined up immediately. It is a great source of articles, courses and teleseminars for the solo entrepreneur. I haven’t used it all but even the amount I have accessed has made my investment worthwhile. When you work solo you need all the advice, inspiration and motivation you can get to support you. Solo-E gives you that!”
Melanie Wass ~ Australia, www.naturalconsulting.com.au

“BZ allowed me to see beyond some of the challenges I was facing. She asked me about my ‘success intentions’ for the teleclasses I am giving soon. I explained there were two and BZ suggested a way I could achieve my first success intention immediately! It was so powerful and so simple and has totally made my day and taken a big load off my mind. Thank you BZ!”
Tessa Stowe ~ Sydney, Australia

“Solo-E’s expert BZ Riger-Hull gave me ideas that would have taken a long time to discover or reach on my own. She helped me to see where the areas of growth and opportunities were in my niche. I see a direct connection between my session with BZ and the further expansion of my business.”
Alberta Johnson ~ Chicago, IL , www.k6artlessonplans.com

“The expert-on-call program exceeded my expectations. My expert, Lorraine, provided numerous resources and suggestions that will be invaluable. She was very encouraging, supportive and insightful. Solo-E definitely will help me further my business with greater clarity. I now know the direction of my next steps and the resources they have will allow me to plan, structure and expand my business. This program was more than I expected.”
Lynn Bieber, Entrepreneurial Healer ~ Pleasonton, CA

“Terri, the CEI (Conductor of Extraordinary Ideas) has proven to be a great referral point and ‘Communication Network’. The resources and contacts she has provided me with have worked beautifully for my company and my needs.”
John Barrett, ITI Associates ~ Pinehurst, NC

“I’ve been a solo-entrepreneur for about 13 years–few of them as successful as I would have liked.

“Last year, I dedicated myself to building a better business but made the mistake of seeking advice from peers who are notoriously weak in marketing and practice management. Going against my intuition, I developed messages that I hoped would make me “legitimate.” The problem was, I emulated attitudes that just weren¹t me. No surprise, my business did not grow.

“A few months ago, Solo-E showed me that being ME is my greatest asset. As a result, I¹m doing everything differently; creating messages that reflect my beliefs, offering products and changing my pricing structures. This “remodeling” is based on knowing that what I have is valuable.

“I¹m enjoying my work and I¹m more confident about my business. I owe it to Solo-E for its valuable resources, teleclasses and marketing strategies. It¹s shifted my entire approach to marketing in dramatic, more successful ways.

A friend, impressed by my focus and dedication to this process asked, ‘How did you get your superpowers?’ My reply? Solo-E!”
Bj King-Taylor, MS, NCC ~ Washington, DC

“Great and useful site I think it is on the cutting edge and very relevant and practical to real life needs.”
Zannie Rose ~ England

“Solo-E is the place to be if you are a solo entrepreneur. This site enables this fast growing segment of the market to connect and learn from one another. Relationships is the key to success in the future, no matter what you do for a living and relationships is what Solo-E is all about. Solo-E is founded on
relationship building and then using tools and technology to support their success. If you are a solo entreprenuer, you will gain so much from being a part of Solo-E.com.”
Emily Page, E. A. Page Consulting ~ Durham, North Carolina, USA

“Solo-E is a great resource for members… I look forward to watching it continue to grow!”
Elizabeth Trezise ~ Asheville, NC

“A great “Chaordic” Organization – tons of potential and cutting edge.”
Sharon Quarrington ~ Ontario Canada

“As one of the newer members of the Solo-E community, I have been very pleased with the quality of the resources and the integrity of this community. It has opened up for me personally a sense of having and being partners with others in our commitments to success. Solo-E’s practices are completely aligned with their values and this is rare and refreshing to find.”
Vicky Olive ~ Durham, NC USA, www.vickyolive.com

“Solo-E provides a fresh look at how us solo entrepreneurs can do business with support. I am very encourage by what they have done.”
Jim Parker ~ Tucson, AZ

“Solo-E is addressing an important need by providing a place, a community for Sole E’s to gather and share ideas, find support and resources. Solo-E offerings will be of great value to those looking for alliances that will add fuel to their dreams and support the challenges and successes that can occur in business.”
JL ~ New York USA

“I am pleased to say I joined Solo-E. It offers lots of useful information as well as cameraderie for those of us who may be working at home and/or alone. I think it is a great idea; I only wish I had thought of it first.”
Susan Cristini ~ Amherst, NH, USA

“Solo-E is an idea whose time has come.It’s filling a previously unfilled need. Although still in it’s initial stage, I can’t wait until all of the resources are available to assist solo’s like me in the growth of our businesses. The site is easy to use and full of wonderful nuggets of useful information.”
Janis Pettit ~ Raleigh, NC, USA

“I live in a rural village, and I’m about as ‘solo’ as anyone can get. This helps!”
Adela Hubers ~ Norfolk, CT, USA

“I have to say, I am so pleased to be apart of this wonderful site and organization. Solo-E is comprised of dynamic and compassionate people who truly care about their members and the services provided. This organization was needed years ago!!”
Pam Thomas ~ Phoenix, AZ

“Solo-E is a really cool offering! And the fact that it is made up of Solo-Es partnering together sets an excellent example for Solo-Es everywhere!!”
Lisa Kirshner, MBA ~ Creative Alchemist ~ Bolton, Ontario, Canada

“I felt an immediate attraction to Solo-E because it fills a great need. This is the most useful site I have ever been involved with. You owe it to yourself to add it to your resource list. Do yourself a favor!”
Charlotte Farrior ~ Greensboro, NC

“I’m very pleased to be part of the Solo-E adventure given TELELESSON.com’s initial focus on small business owners. This site will clearly enhance the ability to provide “just in time” information to new and seasoned small business owners. Given the globalization of small business economie, Solo-E will most likely become a household name within the next decade.”
Pete Koffron, President ~ TELELESSON.com ~ Chicago, IL

“Finally I’m seeing a site that addresses some of the issues that solo entrepreneurs face. Keep up the good work. We need you.”
Renee Black ~ Boston, MA Usa

“Solo-E.com is a concept that delivers. The population of solo entrepreneurs is largely overlooked and this team has found an innovative, inspiring and practical way to serve a growing and vital market. Truly cutting edge and deserving of this nomination.”
Diane Florio ~ Raleigh, NC, USA

“As a new member of only a few days, I’m excited to see the many offerings of this site. I found it with the referral of a coach I highly respect, (Nina East) and I have already referred a number of friends and associates to it!”
Diane Bergeron ~ Golden, CO USA

“Flying solo has its “interesting” moments – and Solo-E is one of the ways I’ve found to keep my perspective clear. I am committed to my own success, and the success of its members, recognizing that all “soloists” need all the support available. I encourage anyone who is interested in thriving as a small business owner to join today! It’s truly a valuable resource and well worth it.”
Evelyn McCauley ~ Raleigh NC

“Finally, an online community of professionals who leverage skills, talents, know-how and experiences to help one another really prosper. Karen & Terri figured out the secret to success is “partnership”.
O. Njenga ~ Raleigh, NC

“Right product at the right time. As evidenced by the recent Department of Commerce report, solo businesses are becoming a larger and larger slice of our economy and now represent some very
lucrative businesses.”
Peter ~ San Diego

“You are building a great community that is reachable when we live in rural areas or there is not that kind of community connection that many of us all are looking for. Thank you.”
Rob G. Huston ~ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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