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How can you focus on being the top of your niche when you’re busy doing piddly work?

I’m looking around at the high cost of not delegating and it’s not just chomping up hours in people’s days, it’s killing their profits.

When a prospective client contacts me to say she’s learning how to put up a WordPress blog, I usually ask, “Why? Why don’t you hire someone to do that?”

Yes, I know, money. And if you’ve been around long enough you know that spending your time on tasks you can delegate costs you opportunities, focus, and more.

Delegating will help you go from obscurity to fame… and I pinky swear on that!

The more other people can handle for you, the more you can focus on getting yourself and your name out there, connecting with social media contacts, and cultivating your position as a well known, top notch expert.

You can even delegate your social networking, but be careful who you have doing that for you. Some people are doing god-awful jobs, inflicting more damage to their clients than good. I know… I see the fake wall comments and replies everyday.

I’d love the names of virtual assistants or social media managers who you think are doing great jobs… drop them in my comments.

My favorite team works under the strict guidance of Sandy Martini. Check out the social networking Done For You packages, they’ve created something very authentic that will save time and boost visibility.

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